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Every industry has its own unique storage equipment needs that arise from various factors: volume of products stocked, diversity of product lines, safe material handling, efficient use of space, employee productivity and ease of scalability.

At East Coast Storage Equipment, we take your industry’s specific needs into consideration as we help you source high-quality equipment, plan facilities, install equipment and more. Here’s how we serve the many industries that can benefit from our services

Warehouse & Distribution

Efficient order fulfillment and material handling are the lifeblood of any warehouse or industrial facility. With the right guidance and equipment solutions, even the busiest fulfillment and production schedules can keep pace.


A production line can only run as smoothly as the processes and equipment that support it. Efficient production lines keep companies meeting and exceeding their goals. We offer complete solutions to make material and product storage more efficient for manufacturers.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry has to overcome its own unique set of challenges. From temperature control to expiration dates, below-zero freezer environments to delivery schedules, storage solutions need to seamlessly meet customer demands.


Proper storage and identification are key in any pharmaceutical manufacturing or distribution organization. We take into account temperature requirements, controlled access by personnel, as well as sanitization ease and off-the-floor storage options when offering recommendations.

3rd Party Logistics

Shortening the window between when an order is made and when it reaches someone's door is often the result of proper warehouse storage configuration and accessibility. We can offer equipment solutions that both shorten delivery times and increase productivity.

Marijuana Grow Facilities

From mobile vertical grow racks that optimize grow room space to conveyor systems that safely and efficiently move products along the production line, we offer equipment solutions for commercial cannabis companies that go way beyond typical rack configurations.


Speed and efficiency are paramount in any e-commerce business. We can customize solutions that help employees work faster to pick and prepare products for shipping, regardless of the number of SKUs a company carries. And that translates into profitability.

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