Double-sided Cantilever rack starter unit - 100" deep x 96" wide x 10' tall

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Cantilever rack: Reliable storage for specialty materials.


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Efficient Storage of Long or Odd Loads with Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is unique among storage racking options. With vertical supports at the back of the rack and arms extending from the columns, cantilever racking is the perfect choice for storing long, bulky or awkward loads.

Arms, which you can configure to meet your specific storage needs, easily store items like lumber, pipes and other building materials. Additionally, these durable racks are at home inside your warehouse as well as outside in the elements.

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New Cantilever Rack FAQs

How Can You Determine Proper Cantilever Rack Arm Length?

While cantilever racking can store all kinds of materials, you’ll always want to make sure you’re storing items correctly. To keep your team safe and your loads secure, determining proper arm length is key. To ensure you have enough space to store your materials, calculate the minimum arm length needed by measuring the depth of the load you intend to store. The depth of your load should not exceed the length of the arm.

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