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Used Pushback Rack

Used pushback racking: A last in, first out solution that puts your space to great use.


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The Benefits of Pushback Racking

Used pushback rack is a versatile, high-density storage racking solution for storing two to six pallets deep. At East Coast Storage Equipment, we have had great success implementing pushback rack systems in facilities of all different industries over our more than 20 years of experience.

We stock many different styles and brands of used pushback systems and components. Like most of our storage systems, the equipment we offer is just the beginning–it can be customized or engineered for the specific needs of your facility and/or application.

Pushback racking increases productivity and speeds up product retrieval. We would love to design a pushback system for your warehouse to make those benefits a reality for you.

Our used pushback rack inventory includes complete used systems we’ve acquired, but may also include separate pushback components, such as structural or roll-formed uprights/frames, structural rails and different carts (trays).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Pushback Rack Systems Work?

Pushback racks are the perfect solution if you’re looking to maximize space without slowing down inventory rotation. What makes this racking system so unique is the inclined rails or nested carts that allow for pallets to glide back and forth in the rack bays.

When a worker places a pallet on a pushback rack, the load will push the pallet currently on the rack back into the bay. When the worker removes the front pallet from the rack, the inclined system will use gravity to push the pallets behind the current load to the front position.

What are Some Advantages of Pushback Racking vs. Selective Racking Systems?

While each rack style has its own advantages, pushback racking provides a much more efficient storage system over selective pallet racking. If you want to maximize your warehouse space, pushback racks often offer more product storage over selective systems. Additionally, instead of single or double-deep selective racks, you can store up to five pallets in the deep bays of pushback racks.

When Should I Use Pushback Racking?

Pushback racking is a great option for certain storage situations. Understanding your inventory mix can help you make an informed decision on whether this type of rack is right for your facility.

Pushback may be the best option if you have several products with more than five pallets per SKU. Additionally, pushback racking offers great stock rotation and occupancy, so storing different products on multiple levels is much more convenient. Lastly, if forklift damage is a concern, pushback racks help reduce the risks because the operator won’t need to drive into the rack to retrieve product.

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