Used Pushback Rack

Pushback rack standing in a large warehouse

Used Pushback Rack – LIFO, Great Use of Space

Used pushback rack is a versatile, high density storage racking solution for storing 2 to 6 pallets deep. We have 20+ years experience and have had great success implementing pushback rack systems in facilities of all different industries. We stock many different styles and brands of used pushback systems and components. Like most of our storage systems, the equipment we offer is just the beginning — it can be customized/engineered for the specific needs of your facility and/or application.

Pushback rack is a great solution for increased productivity and quicker product retrieval and we at East Coast Storage Equipment would love to design a push back system for your warehouse.

Below you’ll find all used pushback racking items that we’ve posted to our site. This will include complete used systems we’ve acquired, but may also include separate pushback components, such as structural or roll-formed uprights/frames, structural rails and different carts (trays).

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Used Redirack Pushback Rack – 3 & 4 Deep

Redirack pushback rack system 3 & 4 deep
Bought in 2015, in like new condition (used for short time)
$90 per pallet position
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Used Pushback Rack – 6 Deep x 2 High

Used Unarco brand 6 deep x 2 high pushback rack for sale
Like new, only 3 years old!
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Used 5 Deep Pushback Rack – Structural & Hi-Line

Approx 500 pallet positions of Hi-Line and stuctural 5 deep x 4 high pushback rack
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Pushback Rack Liquidation – Kirkwood, NY

Used Frazier & teardrop pushback rack liquidation in Kirkwood, NY. 1,212 pallet positions! Save now while it lasts.
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Used Steel King pushback components - carts, rails and beams

Used Steel King Pushback Carts, Rails & Beams

(240) pallet positions (30) levels of 2 wide x 4 deep - inside beam 96" x 5", outside 96" x 4" - Location: Carlisle, PA
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Used Frazier single bay push back rack side view

Used Frazier Single Bay Pushback Rack

Frazier 2, 3 & 4 deep single bay structural pushback rack - (132) PP 4 deep, (204 PP 3 deep and (156) PP 2 deep
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Used Frazier pushback rack system small

Used Frazier Pushback Rack – 2, 3 & 4 Deep

Frazier pushback rack - 2, 3 and 4 deep w/ 12' and 16' frames. This used Frazier pushback rack is in like new condition. Location: New York
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Frazier Carts

Frazier Pushback Rails & Carts

Frazier pushback rack components - pushback rails and carts for a pushback system (1000) pallet positions (2) deep
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Pushback Rack

10 bays of heavy duty roll-formed pushback rack - 4 deep x 2 wide x 4 high w/ single bay @ 4 deep x 1 wide x 4 high - 336 PP
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