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Used Cantilever Rack

Used cantilever racking for sale: Great for lumber, pipe, furniture and more.


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Quality Cantilever Racking for Specialty Storage

If you need a storage solution for long, bulky items, our used cantilever racks could fit the bill. Cantilever racks use towers that have adjustable arms attached, giving you storage for long items of varying lengths.

We stock single- and double-sided used cantilever racking perfect for storing items like lumber and PVC pipe. If you’re looking for pipe, lumber, or timber racks for sale near you, we’ve got you covered.

We also carry used furniture cantilever racks which are different from common cantilever racks. These items are designed with brackets that affix to the arms in order to hold decking (normally plywood for fiberboard), which makes them a great solution for storing furniture.

Furniture cantilever racks are generally made from roll-formed steel rather than the structural steel that common cantilever racks are made from.

Looking for Used Cantilever Racking? Call Now

East Coast Storage Equipment offers a wide selection of used cantilever racks. If you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t worry. Give us a call at 888.294.5022 or contact us online. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Used Cantilever Rack FAQs

Should I Choose Structural or Roll-Formed Cantilever Racking?

Roll-formed cantilever racking offers some distinct advantages over structural steel racks. Mainly, these benefits come in the form of convenience. Because most roll-form racks offer boltless designs and lighter overall weight, they are often the preferred choice for light to medium-sized loads.

For heavier loads, over 1,500 pounds or so, structural steel can provide the durability and reliability you need for long-term use. Just prepare for a more involved installation process using additional hardware (nuts and bolts) for assembly.

Are Cantilever Racks a Good Choice for Storage Versatility?

Cantilever racking may appear specialized at first glance. While this form of racking does find use in some highly specific storage situations, it’s a lot more versatile than it may appear. Not only are cantilever racks highly configurable, but they can also be useful both outdoors or indoors. Additionally, you can use cantilever racking in a decking configuration. This provides a static storage environment similar to pallet racking.

What are Some Benefits of Cantilever Racking?

One of the main advantages of cantilever racking over other racking systems is the wide-open configuration. With the racking “arms” extending from the columns, access to the front of the rack is painless — even for long and awkward loads. The arms are also adjustable, making custom configurations for specialized materials quick and easy. Moreover, because cantilever racks don’t have a front beam, access with a forklift for loading and unloading is a much smoother experience. This can help lower operation costs related to handling time.

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