Used Cantilever Rack

Canitlever rack standing (one-sided)

Great for Lumber, Pipe, Furniture & More

If you need a storage solution for long, bulky items, our used cantilever rack could fit the bill. Cantilever rack uses towers that have adjustable arms attached – giving you storage for long items of varying lengths.

We stock single and double-sided used cantilever racking perfect for storing items such as lumber and pvc pipe. We also carry used furniture cantilever which is different than common cantilever rack – it is designed with brackets that affix to the arms in order to hold decking (normally plywood for fiberboard), which makes it a great solution for storing furniture. Furniture cantilever is generally made from foll-formed steel rather than the structural steel that common cantilever rack is made from.

Used Cantilever Rack – 48″ Arms 10′ High

Used structural cantilever - single and double-sided with varying arm levels. 48" arms, 10' high and made of 12" columns.
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Used Furniture Cantilever Rack – Double-Sided Base + 3 Arm Levels

Used furniture cantilever rack for sale: 42" deep x 24' high with wood decking
(5) double-sided rows + 3 arm levels. Fair condition.
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Used Furniture Cantilever Rack – Double-Sided Base + 6-7 Arm Levels

Double-sided furniture cantilever available now - 31' towers w/ 42" arms and 6 to 7 arm levels
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Used Cantilever Rack – Single-Sided Base + 4 Arm Levels 42″

Used Cantilever Rack - (2) 16' columns base plus (4) 42" arm levels
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