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Used Pallet Racking – Save on Used Frames, Beams & Rack Packages

If you’re looking for a warehouse storage solution that’ll provide increased organization, efficiency, productivity and legitimate savings, then you need a used pallet rack system from East Coast Storage Equipment.

We carry a wide selection of different types of used warehouse rack, including various teardrop and structural racks. Browse used uprightsbeams, wire decking and rack packages (full sections/bays). We can also customize your racking in our fabrication shop to better fit your facility’s needs depending on the products being stored.

East Coast Storage Equipment has been selling, designing and installing pallet rack systems for a wide range of industries since 1994. Leverage our experience, knowledge, extensive inventory and resources for your used pallet racking needs.

We can supply a single section or outfit your whole distribution center. Thousands of sections in stock! We ship nationwide.

Below you’ll find all used pallet rack shelving items that we’ve posted to our site (usually as it arrives at our warehouse). This includes used selective (standard) pallet racking frames/uprights, beams, wire decks, pallet supports and more. Generally anything in each package can be purchased separately with the exception of upright frames.

If you’re looking for a style or brand of pallet rack that you don’t see, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s hard for us to always have all of our inventory listed (we try), so if you’re looking for something you don’t see, give us a shout. If we don’t have it, odds are we can find it for you. 888.294.5022 (or feel free to fill out the contact form on the right)

Keystone style beams stacked in racking

Used Keystone Beams – 96/120/144/168″

Used keystone style beams in 8', 10', 12' and 14' lengths
Located in VA
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Interlake new style rack standing- 42"D x 25' tall x 96" and 144" long sections

Used Interlake New Style Pallet Rack – 42″ x 25′ x 96/144″

Used Interlake brand new style pallet rack 42"D x 25' high new style upright frames and 96" and 144" long new style beams
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Used Frazier Structural Rack standing

Used Frazier Structural Rack – 40″ x 14′ x 108″ x 3″

Used Frazier pallet rack available
40"D x 14'H upright frames and 108"L x 3" beams
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Used Ridg-U-Rak pallet rack standing

Used Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Rack – 24/36/48″ x 22′ x 108″ x 4″

Used Ridg-U-Rak pallet rack available
24", 36" and 48"D upright frames and 108"L x 4" beams
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Used Frazier Structural Rack Massive Liquidation – Gaffney, SC

Tons of Frazier structural rack available at liquidation pricing - save up to 70%
Due to the size of this racking, it'd be perfect for applications that don't use pallets
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Used Structural I-Beam Pallet Rack – 40″ x 25′ x 100″ x 5″

Used HD structural 'I-Beam' pallet rack
40"D x 25'H uprights and 100"L x 5" beams
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Used Sturdi-Bilt Pallet Rack – 44″ x 22′ x 96″ x 3″

Used Prest slide & lock pallet racking w/ wire decks
44"D x 22'H uprights and 96"L x 3" beams
$60 per frame / $10 per beam / $13 per wire deck
Limited time pricing!
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Used Prest Pallet Rack – 42″ x 22′ x 96″ x 3″

Used Prest slide & lock pallet racking w/ wire decks
42"D x 22'H uprights and 96"L x 3-7/8" beams
$85 per frame / $14 per beam / $13 per wire deck
Limited time pricing!
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Used Speedrack Pallet Rack – 34″ x 13′ + 18′ x 117″ x 3″

Used Speedrack pallet racking w/ wire decks
34"D x 13' and 18'H uprights and 117"L x 3" beams
Two different kinds of 34"D x 56"W wire decks (one kind is light duty)
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Used Interlake Short Teardrop Pallet Rack – 48″ x 8′ x 108″ x 2 1/2″

Used Interlake short teardrop style pallet racking w/ wire decks
48"D x 8' tall w/ 1 5/8" col. frames and 108"L x 2 1/2" beams
48"D x 52"W wire decks available with this rack
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44" deep x 46" wide wire decks

Used Wire Decks – 44″D x 46″W

Used wire decking available - 44" deep x 46" wide - standard decks
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Used Interlake NS Pallet Rack – 48″ x 11′-6″ x 108″ x 3″

Used Interlake New Style pallet racking package w/ wire decks
48" deep x 11'-6" tall new style frames and 108" long x 3" face new style beams
48" x 52 wire decks available with this
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Used Structural Rack – 40″ x 24’/25′ x 100″/150″

Used structural rack package consisting of 40"D x 24' & 25' frames and 100" & 150" beams
This rack is in very good condition
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Used Teardrop Pallet Racking – 42″ x 36′ x 81″

Used teardrop rack package consisting of 42" deep x 36' high teardrop frames + 81" long x 3" face teardrop style beams
This rack package is in excellent condition and will not last long!
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Used Hi-Line Galvanized Pallet Racking – 50″ x 20′ x 47″ x 3″

Used Hi-Line brand galvanized pallet racking
50"D x 20'H galvanized frames & 47"L x 3" face galvanized beams

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