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Used Vertical Lift Modules

Used vertical lift modules: Increased picking accuracy with optimized storage.


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Accelerate Picking with VLMs

Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are versatile goods-to-person storage solutions that optimize vertical space and are perfect for order picking, batching, consolidation and more. These enclosed systems can maximize floor space and expand operations internally without the need for a building expansion.

Adding a VLM to your facility can help your team make the most out of your storage space while maintaining a diverse product inventory and optimizing ROI. VLMs are also intelligent storage systems, meaning improved picking accuracy and less time spent finding products.

At East Coast Storage Equipment, we often carry a wide variety of VLMs from different brands and manufacturers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to give us a call at 888.294.5022. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your facility.

Used Vertical Lift Modules FAQs

Used Vertical Lift Modules FAQs

It’s easy to look at VLMs and vertical carousels and think they are virtually the same thing. The difference, though, is how each system manages inventory. With a vertical carousel, shelves rotate similar to a Ferris wheel — with products moving to the worker in a set system. With VLMs, an automatic inserter/extractor positioned between the columns grabs trays of items and brings them to the worker.

Do You Need Warehouse Management Software?

In most cases, a VLM will require warehouse management software (WMS). The software package you require will depend on your needs. Some systems can help with things like keeping track of inventory, what shelves workers can access and advising on which items workers should pick first in regard to pack type and expiration date. The software you need will depend on what functionality you’d like from your VLM system.

Is a Used VLM the Right Choice for You?

VLMs offer a great storage solution for many types of warehouse environments. But they aren’t for every facility. Here are a few situations where a VLM might not be the right choice:

  • Your warehouse has low ceilings.
  • You often need to store large or bulky items.
  • You have minimal inventory turnaround.

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