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Used Mezzanine Catwalks

Elevate your warehouse workflow with our selection of used mezzanine catwalks. These elevated walkways help optimize worker traffic in your facility. We have a large inventory of used mezzanine catwalk materials, so we can offer a customized catwalk mezzanine solution for any facility. Explore our inventory below.


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About Mezzanine Catwalks

A mezzanine catwalk is an elevated platform that acts as a lane for worker traffic. These engineered structures easily connect different areas of a facility, providing direct and safe access away from operations on the warehouse floor. Mezzanine catwalks are typically constructed from durable materials like steel to ensure stability and long-term reliability. The design of a specific mezzanine catwalk system will depend both on the facility layout as well as individual business needs.

Used Mezzanine Catwalks

Benefits of Mezzanine Catwalks

Mezzanine catwalks offer some great benefits. These include:


Catwalk mezzanine structures keep workers off the warehouse floor and away from harm with dedicated paths for everyday facility travel.

More Floor Space

With worker footpaths off the facility floor, businesses can better use this space for operations and equipment.

Flexible Design

Mezzanine catwalks can be designed and customized to fit specific facility layouts, ensuring seamless integration with existing operations and infrastructure.


Mezzanine catwalks don’t just keep workers safe; they also provide access to various levels of a facility, improving the efficiency of operations and material handling.

Mezzanine Catwalk Applications

Mezzanine catwalks are versatile and can be used in various applications, including:

  • General Warehousing
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail Backrooms
  • Distribution Centers
  • Archive Storage
  • Overseeing Production Areas
Used Mezzanine Catwalks

Speak With Our Team of Professionals

At East Coast Storage Equipment, our goal is to help you find the perfect equipment for your facility. Whether you’re looking for a mezzanine catwalk, have questions about a specific product or need additional assistance with things like installation, give us a call at 888.294.5022.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Investing in a mezzanine catwalk is a significant decision for any warehouse or storage facility. It involves the initial costs and factors like installation, space planning and future adaptability. To guide your decision-making process, here are some essential considerations:

Used Mezzanine Catwalks

What Do You Need?

The first step in choosing the right mezzanine catwalk system is assessing your space and operational requirements. Consider these factors:

  • Space Optimization: Evaluate your facility's layout, focusing on ceiling height, floor area and any structural constraints. This assessment is crucial for designing a mezzanine catwalk system that effectively uses vertical space without interfering with your existing operations.
  • Throughput: Think about how many workers will need to use the catwalk and how often. This will help you determine things like catwalk width. Also, consider factors like length, as it will help you understand installation needs like support.
  • Workflow and Accessibility: How the catwalk fits into your current operational flow is vital. If frequent access is needed, the design should facilitate smooth movement, potentially including stairs, lifts, guardrails or other safety equipment.

Your Budget

Budgeting for a mezzanine catwalk involves more than just the purchase cost. Keep in mind:

  • Quality and Sustainability: Invest in catwalks made from durable materials like high-grade steel for long-term reliability. This might cost more upfront but will save money in the long run through reduced repair and replacement needs.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Include the costs of installation, which covers materials, labor and any special equipment required. Ongoing maintenance is also essential to ensure safety and structural integrity, including periodic inspections and repairs.
  • Future Flexibility: Consider your business's potential growth and how your mezzanine catwalk might need to adapt. Opting for a modular design can offer cost benefits and ease of expansion as your operational needs evolve, avoiding the need for a complete redesign.

Whether you have extra pallet racks or an entire mezzanine catwalk system, get in touch with the team here at East Coast Storage Equipment. We’re always on the lookout for quality used equipment to fill our inventory.

Have a Mezzanine Catwalk You're Looking to Sell?

From Point A to Point B with Efficiency: Mezzanine Catwalks

Maximizing floor space for storage and other operations is essential in warehouse environments. Often, this comes at the expense of worker traffic lanes. Catwalk mezzanines deliver an efficient solution to help workers move through your facility without interrupting the workflow on the floor.

Mezzanines are quick to install and affordable, making solving access issues easy and painless. At East Coast Storage Equipment, we can design and install a catwalk mezzanine system that meets all of your needs.

Used Mezzanine Catwalks
Used Mezzanine Catwalks
Catwalk Installation Services Available

Not sure if you can handle installation in-house? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Let our team of storage equipment experts handle the installation. We’ll make sure your equipment is set up right the first time according to rigorous industry and regulatory standards.

FAQs About Mezzanine Catwalks

What are Some Design Considerations for Catwalk Mezzanines?

With catwalk mezzanine systems, you’re often designing around existing structures and equipment. To get the most out of the mezzanine walkway installation, here are a few other items to consider:

  • Elevation information
  • Structural drawings
  • Load-bearing capacity requirements

What Safety Concerns Should You Understand?

As you might imagine, having workers on an elevated platform presents some significant safety risks. To keep your team safe and secure, you’ll want to install a skid-proof surface on your used catwalk mezzanine. This can be non-skid grating. Additionally, items like guardrails prevent worker accidents, and OSHA often mandates these safety features.

Can East Coast Storage Equipment Customize a Mezzanine Catwalk for My Facility?

While you can find pre-fabricated mezzanine catwalks, if your facility requires a custom installation, it will mean extra design and layout considerations. The East Coast Storage Equipment team can help you find the mezzanine solution that works best for your facility. Not only can we provide quality used equipment, but we also offer services for custom layout design and installation.

Used Mezzanine Catwalks

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