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Used Shelving

Used shelving systems: Organize and save.


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Get Organized with Pre-Owned Shelving

When it comes to used shelving for your warehouse, the back room of your retail store or your garage, East Coast Storage Equipment has what you need to store your goods organized and efficiently.

Types of Used Industrial Shelving

We stock and sell several types of used shelving units, including steel shelving (clip, nut and bolt and similar styles, all with adjustable shelves), backroom and stockroom shelving (Lozier and similar brands), rivet shelving (also called ‘rivet rack’), bulk rack shelving and more.

We can even customize our shelving to match your unique application and needs. If, for example, we have 8′ steel shelving and you need the same exact type but in 6′ and you can’t find it anywhere, we can professionally cut down the shelving uprights to fit your specifications.

Shelving is the ideal solution for increased organization and overall better storage of goods. East Coast Storage Equipment has been designing and installing all types of shelving systems for more than 20 years.

Not only do we stock thousands of bays of used metal shelving units, but we also carry shelving components, such as particle board and steel shelves, uprights, steel bracing, X-bracing, clips and more.

Contact Us for Used Shelving Solutions

Questions about used shelving? Looking for a specific type of shelving? Contact the experts at East Coast Storage Equipment.

If we don’t have it, we’ll help you find it. Call us at 888.294.5022 or contact us online.

Used Shelving FAQs

What Kinds of Used Shelving Are Most Popular?

Shelving choice is critical when it comes to budget and organization. Understanding the most popular types of warehouse shelving can help you design shelving that not only meets your expectations but offers some flexibility down the road. Steel shelving is the most common type of shelving you can find on the market for both warehouse and industrial environments. Boltless shelving, like rivet shelving, comes in at a close second — offering an easy-to-assemble alternative to steel shelving without the need for clips or bolts.

How Do I Know Which Shelving System I Need?

With the many different types of shelving available, it can be a struggle to match the right system to your facility. Understanding the benefits of each shelving system can help you make an informed decision. Steel shelving, for instance, is robust and offers versatility, but bolts or clips can add time to installation and open shelving requires metal sway bracing on one side of each unit. In contrast, boltless shelving systems provide just as much durability and the option for open configurations. Assessing your space, and how you’ll use your shelving, is a great first step before making any purchases.

What are Some Common Shelving Sizes?

While you can find all kinds of shelving types in many different sizes, expect some common sizes to pop up when shopping. Usually, shelving will come in depths of around 16” to 36”, and widths of 36” to 96” — the average width being around 42”. When it comes to height, expect to find standard measurements of 6’ to 10’. One of our best-selling and most common sizes is 24" x 48" x 10' to 12'. Keep in mind that East Coast Storage Equipment does offer custom shelving sizes for exact specifications and needs.

How Can I Reinforce Warehouse Shelving?

Warehouse shelving is generally quite strong on its own, but there are ways to make these shelves even stronger. One of the most common and effective shelf reinforcement methods in industrial settings is to add an X brace or cross brace.

You can add X braces to the back and sides of most pre-owned warehouse shelves. These braces cross each other in the center of the space between the uprights to add strength and prevent swaying. Typically, you secure the cross braces to the uprights through the holes on the face of the uprights used to secure the shelves at different heights.


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