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Steel shelving and retail shelving in a warehouse

Used Shelving Systems – Organize and Save

When it comes to used shelving for your warehouse, back room of your retail store, or your garage, East Coast Storage Equipment has what you need to store your goods organized and efficiently.

We stock and sell several types of used shelving, including steel shelving (clip style, nut & bolt, etc), backroom/stockroom shelving (Lozier and the like), rivet shelving, bulk rack shelving and more.

We can even customize shelving that we have for your specific application and needs. Say we have 8′ steel shelving and you need the same exact type, but in 6′ high and you can’t find it anywhere — We can professionally cut down the shelving uprights to fit your specifications.

Shelving is a great solution for increased organization and overall better storage of goods. East Coast Storage Equipment has been designing and installing shelving systems, both simple and complex, for 20+ years.

Below you’ll find all used shelving items that we’ve posted to our site. This will include used shelving sections and also components, such as particle board and steel shelves, uprights, steel bracing, x-bracing, clips and more.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Searching for a type of shelving or a shelving component you don’t see on our site? If we don’t have it, odds are we can find it for you. 888.294.5022

Used Nut & Bolt Shelving – 30″D x 42″W x 9’H

Hundreds of sections of used nut & bolt shelving
30" deep x 42" wide x 9 high, (7) shelves per section
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Borroughs Rivet-Span Shelving 24"D x 48"W x 7'H assembled with product on shelves

Used Borroughs Rivet-Span Shelving – 18/24″D x 48″W x 7’H

Thousands of sections of used Borroughs Rivet-Span Shelving
18" & 24" deep x 48" wide x 7' high, 5-8 shelves per section
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Used Penco Clip Shelving – 18″D x 48″W x 7’H

Used Penco "Clipper" clip style shelving 18" deep x 48" deep x 7' high
$60 per section*
Limited time pricing! Located in Parsippany, NJ
*Price reflects a 40+ section purchase
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Down and stacked Lyon surplus shelves 18" x 42"

Used Lyon Surplus Shelves – 18″D x 42″W

(1,400) Lyon brand S-Series surplus shelves (shelves only, no side panels/uprights or backs)
Dimensions: 18"D x 42"W - perfect if you want to add shelves to your existing Lyon S-Series shelving!
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Used Penco Wide Span Shelving – 26″D x 96″W x 96″H

Used Penco Wide Span Shelving Available. Like new condition
26" deep x 8' wide x 8' tall sections comprised of frames and beams

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Used Rivet Shelving – 36″D x 48″W x 84″H

Used rivet style shelving available - 36" deep x 48" wide x 84" tall
(6) shelves per section
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Used InterRoyal Clip shelving down and stacked.

Used InterRoyal Clip Shelving – 24″D x 36″W x 8′ 3″H

InterRoyal Clip shelving with closed sides and backs - 24" deep x 36" wide x 8' 3" high
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Used Lozier S-Series Shelving – 12″D & 18″D x 48″W x 96″H

Lozier S-Series backroom/stockroom style shelving
12" deep x 48" wide x 8' high & 18" deep x 48" wide x 8' high sections available!
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Used E-Z-Rect Type 1 Shelving – 16″D & 31″D

Used E-Z-Rect shelving for sale
16"D x 96"W x 14'H, 16"D x 48"W x 8'H, 31"D x 48"W x 14'H
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Used Lozier S-Series Shelving – 24″D x 48″W x 12’H

Lozier Backroom Style S-Series shelving available - 24"D x 48"W x 12'H
This shelving is in excellent condition, so don't hesitate to get organized by implementing it in your warehouse or stockroom.
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Used Lozier Backroom installed in warehouse

Used Lozier Backroom Shelving – 12″D & 18″D x 48″W

Used Lozier brand backroom style shelving
12"/18" deep x 48" wide x 6' tall - excellent condition (8 out of 10)
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Used Clip Style Steel Shelving – 24″D & 30″D

Hundreds of sections of Republic and Penco clip style steel shelving for sale
30" deep x 36" wide x 96" tall & 24" deep x 42" wide x 87" tall sections
Excellent condition - shipping to our NJ warehouse soon.
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Used Backroom Shelving – Various Sizes

Used MEG brand backroom shelving - different sizes available Like new condition
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Used Equipto surplus shelves (shelves only)

Used Equipto Surplus Shelves – 12″D x 36″W

(1,574) shelves for Equipto shelving sections
Perfect for any company looking to add shelves to existing V-Grip shelving sections

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Used Equipto shelving - 24" x 36" x 10'

Used Equipto Shelving – 12″D x 36W x 10’H

(50) sections 12" deep x 36" wide x 10' high Equipto shelving
Tan in color

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