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As one of the country’s largest suppliers of used material handling equipment, we carry a wide selection of popular options like used pallet racks, used conveyors, used shelving, and much more. Our team is ready to assist with everything from facility planning to equipment installation. Browse our collection of used material handling equipment for sale today.


About Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment (MHE) refers to a diverse range of tools, machinery, vehicles, and systems designed to facilitate the movement, storage, control, and protection of materials and products within manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and other industrial settings. The primary objective of material handling equipment is to streamline and optimize various processes, from the point of production or procurement to final distribution or consumption.

About Material Handling Equipment

These equipment solutions are pivotal in minimizing manual labor, reducing operational inefficiencies, and ensuring the safe and timely movement of goods. Material handling equipment encompasses a wide spectrum of devices, each tailored to a specific task.

Benefits of Material Handling

Material handling equipment stands as the backbone of modern
industrial operations, offering a plethora of advantages that
span across diverse industries. From manufacturing to distribution,
logistics to retail, the benefits of utilizing MHE are undeniable.

Here's a comprehensive list of the advantages it brings to the table:

Enhanced Efficiency

MHE automates and expedites tasks, reducing the reliance on manual labor. This leads to faster and more efficient movement of materials and products, resulting in streamlined operations.

Increased Productivity

By minimizing the time and effort required for material handling tasks, material handling equipment enables workers to focus on higher-value activities, ultimately boosting overall productivity.

Improved Safety

MHE reduces the risk of manual handling injuries, creating a safer work environment for employees. Specialized equipment is designed to handle heavy loads or hazardous materials, minimizing human exposure to potential dangers.

Precise Handling

Advanced MHE, like robotic systems and conveyors, ensures precise and consistent handling of materials, reducing errors and minimizing damage to goods.

Space Optimization

Material handling equipment solutions such as used pallet racking and automated storage systems optimize vertical storage space, making the most of available warehouse real estate.

Efficient Inventory Management

Use of material handling equipment provides real-time tracking of materials and products, enabling accurate inventory management, timely reordering, and better demand forecasting.

Incorporating material handling equipment in your operations isn't just a convenience; it's a strategic move that can significantly impact productivity, safety, and overall business success. By leveraging the benefits of MHE, industries can navigate the challenges of the modern marketplace while meeting customer demands effectively.

Material Handling Equipment Applications

Material handling equipment plays a pivotal role across a wide spectrum of industries, catering to various stages of production, distribution, and fulfillment. The adaptability and versatility of MHE make it an indispensable tool in meeting the unique demands of different sectors. Here's a comprehensive list of its applications:

  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • E-commerce and Retail
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Textile and Apparel Industry
  • Recycling and Waste Management
Mezzanine platform and pallet racking

From manufacturing floors to distribution centers, material handling equipment proves its value by enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity across an array of industries. Its applications are as diverse as the sectors it serves, showcasing its pivotal role in shaping modern business operations.

Choosing What Type of Material Handling Equipment Is Right for You

We stock and sell many different types of used material handling equipment.

Our guide to warehouse material handling and efficient warehouse operations is designed to help you understand what type of equipment will best fit your unique needs and how material handling equipment can help your business. We also have other resources available to help simplify the process for you.

Pallet rack standing in warehouse

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Used Material Handling Equipment

Buying used material handling equipment can be a cost-effective strategy for optimizing operations, but it requires careful consideration to ensure a successful investment. Before making a purchase, keep these essential factors in mind:

Warehouse interior with pallet racking and forklift
  • Condition and Inspection: Thoroughly inspect the used equipment for wear, damage, and signs of corrosion. Ensure that all components, including safety features, are in proper working condition.
  • Usage History: Inquire about the equipment's previous usage, including load capacity and intensity. Understanding how the equipment was utilized can provide insights into its remaining lifespan.
  • Compatibility: Verify that the used material handling equipment is compatible with your existing systems and workflows. A mismatch could lead to inefficiencies or additional expenses for modifications.
  • Maintenance Records: Request maintenance records or service history for the equipment. Well-maintained material handling equipment is likely to perform better and have an extended service life.
  • Safety Standards: Ensure that the used equipment adheres to safety standards and regulations. Safety features, such as emergency stop buttons and guards, should be functional.
  • Spare Parts Availability: Check if spare parts for the specific model are readily available. This can impact the ease and cost of future repairs or replacements.
  • Reliability and Warranty: If possible, purchase from reputable sellers who offer warranties or guarantees on the used equipment. This provides an added layer of assurance.
  • Operational Needs: Consider your specific operational needs. The equipment should align with your production volume, frequency, and tasks it will perform.
  • Future Growth: Factor in your business's growth projections. Choose MHE that can accommodate increased demands as your business expands.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: While the initial purchase price is important, also consider the total cost of ownership, including maintenance, repairs, and potential downtime.
  • Operator Training: Ensure that your operators are familiar with the used equipment. Adequate training is crucial for safe and efficient operation.
  • Resale Value: While not an immediate concern, consider the potential resale value of the equipment down the line. Some brands and models retain value better than others.
  • Professional Inspection: If in doubt, consider having a professional inspection conducted by a qualified technician. This can provide an unbiased assessment of the equipment's condition.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing used material handling equipment. Prioritizing safety, compatibility, and long-term reliability ensures that your investment contributes to improved operational efficiency and supports your business's growth objectives.

Looking to sell your used shelving or other used material handling equipment? East Coast Storage Equipment makes it so easy. We buy used material handling equipment and resell it to other businesses in need of used equipment.

We Make it Easy to Sell Your Used Material Handling Equipment

The Best in Used Material Handling Equipment

Our range of premium used material handling equipment includes everything you need to optimize efficiency and storage capacity at your warehouse facility. We carry high-quality, affordable used pallet racking, conveyors, cantilever racking, forklifts and more.

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Custom Material Handling Equipment Plans & Designs

Our equipment specialists are ready to develop a personalized equipment plan tailored to your facility. We also customize equipment in our fabrication shop to ensure each piece of specialized racking, shelving and mezzanine is in great condition and ready to serve your specific needs.

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East Coast Storage Equipment is the country’s best source for warehouse storage solutions that improve productivity, organization and profitability. Whether you need to increase your storage capacity, order speed, and accuracy or decrease your labor costs, we’ve got you covered.

Material Handling Equipment Installation Services Available

If you need assistance with warehouse equipment installation, East Coast Storage can help with our comprehensive installation services to ensure a seamless and efficient setup. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the best practices for installing used material handling equipment in your warehouse. You can trust us to handle every aspect of the installation process, allowing you to maximize your storage space and optimize your warehouse operations.

FAQs About Material Handling Equipment

How Do I Know What Used Equipment is Best For My Facility?

Each warehouse’s equipment needs are unique. For this reason, all facility managers should invest in custom equipment plans that optimize storage capacity and productivity in their operations.

Before you begin designing your equipment plan, gather all relevant information about your facility, including:

  • Inventory details such as product volume, weight, dimensions and SKU diversity
  • Client and customer demand
  • Shipping and receiving processes

Once you develop a robust understanding of your equipment needs, you can begin looking for the right equipment. A warehouse designer and equipment specialist can help make this process seamless. Contact the team at East Coast Storage Equipment to learn more about our warehouse design services.

What Industries Do You Serve?

Our equipment specialists have experience in a wide range of industries including:

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Third-party logistics
  • E-commerce
  • Cannabis growing facilities

We employ a highly customized approach to create personalized, compliant material handling solutions based on your facility’s inventory, storage capacity, team and scaling requirements.

Our expertise in a variety of industries supports our success in creating equipment plans that improve our clients’ productivity and profitability.

How Can I Get My Used Equipment To My Facility?

We ship our equipment nationwide, so you can purchase the perfect piece of equipment no matter where you are in the country. We also offer equipment installation to make the transition process stress-free.

Is There a Difference Between ‘Refurbished’ and ‘Used’ Material Handling Equipment?

While these two types of equipment are similar, there are important distinctions to note. Used and refurbished material handling equipment are both second-hand, having been formerly used at another facility.

Refurbished equipment has undergone a restoration process that has improved the piece’s overall quality. Used material handling equipment is sold as-is. When you work with our team on an equipment plan, we can often customize used equipment to fit your facility’s needs.

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