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Used Keystone Pallet Rack

Used keystone pallet rack: Keystone style frames and beams


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Quality is key for keystone racking. That’s because this type of racking, sometimes referred to as Republic racking, is meant to handle some of the heaviest loads in any warehouse.

Beams and uprights are firmly locked together with a safety clip. Each column has a solid corner, and holes that resemble a keystone are placed in the parts of the system that undergo the least stress to promote maximum strength. Footplates are made with heavy-duty steel, and braces are welded to the frame in a shape resembling a Z to provide even more load resistance.

If you need to store heavy loads reliably and safely, keystone pallet racking may be the answer. And you can find it used at East Coast Storage Equipment.

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Used Keystone Pallet Racking FAQs

What Makes Keystone Racking Different from Other Selective Pallet Racks?

The key defining feature that separates keystone racking from other pallet racking systems is how the beams connect with the columns. With keystone systems, columns have symmetric channels with lips and punched single-row keystone slots. Beams fit into the keystone slots and then lock into place with safety clips to prevent accidental movement of the beam.

Why Choose a Keystone Racking System?

One of the main draws of the keystone racking system is the overall strength and durability. The strong upright frames promote structural integrity, and manufacturers punch keystone slots in select areas for optimal reduced stress from overall load capacity. Columns feature solid corners and a great strength-to-weight ratio. The keystone system also helps prevent metal tearing from everyday operations and reduces the impacts of secondary stress.

Are All Keystone Racks Universal?

Every manufacturer will offer slightly different options when it comes to keystone racking. This means not all racks will be compatible with other systems. If you are adding to an existing system, measure before you make any purchases. If you have any questions about your pallet racking, give us a call.

How Common are These Racks?

Keystone racking was once a very common choice for warehouse storage. While newer pallet racking types have become more popular, you can still find keystone racks in use in warehouses across the country. With East Coast Storage Equipment, finding compatible racking parts for keystone systems is easy with our wide selection of used and new equipment.


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