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Used Conveyor Systems

Looking to add a conveyor system to your warehouse? No matter what type of conveyor you’re looking for, East Coast Storage Equipment has the equipment you need to optimize your picking and packing operations. We carry a wide selection of used conveyors, from powered belt conveyors to flexible roller conveyors. Explore our inventory below.


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Conveyor Systems for Your Application

East Coast Storage Equipment has over 20 years of experience designing and installing all types of used conveyor systems — from gravity conveyors to powered systems, as well as all large, complex conveyor systems.

Our inventory includes all kinds of used conveyors and conveyor components. At East Coast Storage Equipment, you will find gravity, powered, roller, skate wheel, belt, curve, take-up and more.

Looking for a used conveyor near you? We would love to design and supply a conveyor system for your warehouse. If you have any questions at all, please contact us. Call 888.294.5022 or reach out online.

Used Conveyor FAQs

Will East Coast Storage Equipment Help Me Design a Custom Used Conveyor System?

Yes! Our used conveyor dealers have more than two decades of experience designing used conveyors that can meet any need, from the simplest powered systems to the most complex conveyors of any type.

Will You Install My Used Conveyor System?

It would be our pleasure. Licensed structural engineers and project managers on our expert team will ensure the project meets all applicable codes and regulations and deliver and install your used conveyor system from start to finish.

Which Type of Conveyor System Do You Need?

Between powered and non-powered conveyors, it's easy to get confused about which you need for your facility. Powered conveyors are best for facilities where small packages or products move across larger areas, requiring extra power from the system. Non-powered conveyors use the laws of physics to move items from one place to another. Some examples of environments where gravity-powered conveyors are useful include the following:

  • Moving products onto loading trucks
  • Sorting products from particular areas or pick modules

What is the Main Thing to Consider when Selecting a Conveyor?

When looking for a conveyor system for your facility, the first question you want to ask yourself is what type of materials you need to be transported. While items like packages come to mind, in reality, your conveyor system can transport virtually anything. Here are a few factors you should consider when selecting a conveyor system for specific materials:

  • Are products or materials generally similar sizes?
  • How abrasive, corrosive or wet are the products you intend to use?
  • Are materials composed of things like powders, pellets or fibers?
  • How heavy and dense are the materials?

What Build Specifications Should You Consider when Selecting a Conveyor?

Here are a few important conveyor system specifications you should understand before making any purchases:

  • Maximum load capacity
  • Conveyor belt speed
  • Throughput
  • Frame configuration
  • Drive locations

Most used conveyor dealers won't walk you through all of these considerations as you shop, but we would be happy to.

How Can You Handle Product Slippage with Conveyor Systems?

While some product slippage may be desirable in certain environments, you’ll need to consider slippage-reducing methods for most products. These include:

  • Cleats
  • Buckets
  • High-friction belting

Our team can help you determine your needs in terms of slippage-reducing implements.

What Are Some Common Conveyor Problems?

While a quality used conveyor system can last you quite a long time, that doesn't mean you won’t need to focus on regular maintenance to get the most out of your equipment. Here are a few common conveyor issues:

  • Mistracking
  • Belt slippages
  • Seized rollers
  • Blockages

Do You Need Training to Operate a Conveyor?

While you won’t need formal training or some sort of certification to operate a conveyor, on-the-job training and proper safety procedures are essential for operation. With any heavy-duty equipment, your facility should prioritize proper safety training.

Used Conveyor Systems

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