Used Drive-In Rack

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Used Drive-In Rack – Ultra High Density Storage, Ultra Savings

Used drive-In rack is a great solution for applications requiring ultra-high density storage. Our professionals have been designing and installing all kinds of used drive-in rack systems for over twenty years, so if you have any questions at all, please contact us.

Below you’ll find all used drive-in rack items that we’ve posted to our site. This will include used drive-in rack and drive-in rack components, including frames, arms, load and guide rails. If you’re looking for a drive-in specialty item, or just don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll do our best to find it.

Maximize your space and your dollar with a used drive-in rack system from East Coast Storage Equipment. 888.294.5022

Used 2 and 3 deep drive-in rack for sale

Used Structural Drive-In Rack – 2 & 3 Deep

(2) and (3) deep structural drive-in rack available. Coming down in the beginning of January. Location: PA
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Structural drive-in rack standing (rear view)

Used Structural Drive-In Rack 52″ Frames

(297) total pallet positions of HD structural drive-in rack - 52" x 19' tall frames, ground + (2) levels and ground + (4) levels - 13' & 20' deep
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Used Interlake drive-in pallet rack frames and rails.

Used Interlake Drive-In Rack – 30′ High

Used Interlake drive-in rack w/ 30ft roll-formed frames - great condition. (4) & (6) deep x 4 high - Location: Browns Mills, NJ
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Used 7 Deep Interlake Drive-In Rack

Used Interlake Drive-In Rack – 7 Deep

700+ pallet positions, 7 deep configuration, 14' and 20' frames/uprights, like new
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Interlake drive-in rack system before dismantle

Used Frazier & Interlake Drive-In Rack

Frazier & Interlake drive-in rack systems: 30 bays Frazier Drive-In Rack (brown) + 135 bays Interlake New Style Drive-In Rack (Interack 30) + 35 bays Frazier Drive-In Rack (originally blue, but painted green)
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Structural Drive-in Rack

400 pallet positions 3 deep x 4 high with 22' front frame - 10 ea. bays with C-4" frames, the balance are C-3"
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D’Altrui Drive-in Rack

41 ea. bays D'Altrui HD drive-in rack - 2,500#, 19' front frame, 48" wide opening, 3 pallets deep ground plus
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