• Blue and yellow drive-in pallet rack in distribution center

Used Structural Drive-In Rack – 4 Deep x 5 High, C-4″

Structural drive-in storage rack system

  • 4 deep x 5 high (4 levels of rails)
  • 3,000 lb capacity
  • C-4″ x 25′ upright frames
  • Over 2,000 pallet positions available

Structural C-4″ Drive-In Rack – Excellent Condition

C-4″ structural drive-in rack available. This drive-in rack system is 4 pallets deep x 5 pallets high (4 rail levels) and in excellent condition with a 3,000 lb. per pallet capacity. Over 2,000 pallet positions of this high-density storage rack solution available! Store up to 75% more vs standard, selective pallet rack.

High volume discounts available.

Delivery and installation available.

Quantity (pallet positions)Pallets deepPallets highRail levelsFrame heightCapacity


Additional information

Drive-in pallets deep


Frame height


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