• Blue and yellow drive-in pallet rack in distribution center

Used Structural Drive-In Rack – 4 Deep x 5 High, C-4″

Structural drive-in storage rack system

  • 4 deep x 5 high (4 levels of rails)
  • 3,000 lb capacity
  • C-4″ x 25′ upright frames
  • Over 2,000 pallet positions available

Structural C-4″ Drive-In Rack – Excellent Condition

C-4″ structural drive-in rack available. This drive-in rack system is 4 pallets deep x 5 pallets high (4 rail levels) and in excellent condition with a 3,000 lb. per pallet capacity. Over 2,000 pallet positions of this high-density storage rack solution available! Store up to 75% more vs standard, selective pallet rack.

High volume discounts available.

Delivery and installation available.

Quantity (pallet positions)Pallets deepPallets highRail levelsFrame heightCapacity


Pricing and equipment availability subject to change without notice. High-volume discounts are available on all used equipment. Our used equipment is bought and sold from many different locations, so please see the details for shipping origin. Sometimes equipment is bought from one location, then eventually ships to our warehouse. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact us. If we don't have it, we'll search high and low for you.

Additional information

Drive-in pallets deep


Frame height


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