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Used Backroom Shelving

Used backroom shelving: High quality construction, multiple shelf options.


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Backroom Shelving to Meet Any Need

Backroom, stockroom or retail shelving is commonly used in retail “back rooms” hence the name. Many manufacturers make this type of boltless shelving — the most popular being Lozier, with their S-Series line.

A section is normally composed of 16-gauge galvanized steel uprights and steel-reinforced particleboard or plywood shelves. Backroom shelving can be reinforced with cross bracing and comes in both closed and open (sides and backs) configurations.

Backroom shelving is generally quite easy to assemble because it uses no hardware. The shelves are fully adjustable (usually every 2″), so they can be configured for your specific needs and easily repositioned if necessary.

Versatile, strong and easy to install, backroom shelving is great for a whole range of applications.

Used Backroom Shelving FAQs

Is Backroom Shelving Sturdy?

Don’t let the simple and easily adjustable design fool you — backroom shelving is surprisingly sturdy. You can find used boltless and rivet backroom shelving systems with load capacities that top 2,000 pounds. You can also reinforce your rivet shelving with cross-bracing to make it even sturdier.

The other consideration for shelving sturdiness, of course, is the brand. Many brands are available, but Lozier is considered the gold standard. These tried-and-true shelving systems are built to last even under heavy loads.

Why Choose Backroom Shelving Over Other Types of Industrial Shelving?

Backroom shelving isn’t the only kind of shelving used in industrial and retail settings, but it does tend to rise to the top among those who prioritize convenience, durability and customization. To start, if you go with a boltless shelving system, you don’t have to worry about bolts, nuts, clips or any tools other than a rubber mallet to assemble it. This uniquely designed product allows you to tap the rivets on the horizontal beams into keyhole slots on the vertical uprights.

The convenience of this design extends beyond the assembly phase. Without any tools or even that much labor, you can easily adjust your boltless backroom shelving to accommodate loads of almost any size or shape. Rivet shelving and similar designs also offer relatively simple adjustment methods in most cases.

Can Backroom Shelving Be Used Outside of Industrial Settings?

Absolutely. In fact, many industries and even homeowners have caught on to the usefulness and versatility of backroom shelving systems. You can use backroom shelving systems in a variety of non-warehouse settings, including retail stockrooms, liquor stores and similar businesses that need to display a large quantity of heavy products and even garages and living homes.


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