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Used Mezzanine Decking

Mezzanine decking handles everything from daily worker traffic to constant wear from lift vehicles. It’s an essential component that helps your mezzanine hold up against years of regular use. When it comes to mezzanine decking, you have a few choices — each with its own benefits. Shop our options below, and connect with our team if you aren’t seeing what you need.


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Finding the Right Decking for Your Mezzanine

Adding a mezzanine to your warehouse helps optimize your storage space and add extra workspace for your team, among other applications. Finding the right decking is essential if you want to make the most out of your equipment.

You’ll want to consider variables like how you’ll use your mezzanine and the location of your equipment.

Types of Mezzanine Decking

When it comes to mezzanine decking, you’ll find several popular options on the market:

  • Basic corrugated 20-gauge steel decking (B-Deck)
  • Wood and related decking choices
  • Bar grating
  • Concrete
  • Heavy-duty steel plate
  • Specialty decking options like fiberglass or plastic

Contact Us to Learn All About Your Mezzanine Decking Options

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect decking choice for your mezzanine, East Coast Storage Equipment has the selection you need to outfit your warehouse.

Our material handling experts are here to help you make an informed decision on which mezzanine decking option is right for your project. Call 888.294.5022 or click the quick quote button at the top of the page.

Mezzanine Decking FAQs

What Is the Best Mezzanine Decking Material?

Each decking material comes with advantages and disadvantages. For durability, concrete is a great choice, but it impedes the ability of the mezzanine to move to another location easily. Bar grating is preferred for air and light transfer but is inadequate for small parts storage environments. Consider your inventory and storage needs when shopping for the right decking material.

What Is a Mezzanine Subfloor?

Underneath many mezzanine decking materials is a subfloor. This can often consist of metal floor supports or a layer of metal decking like B-deck. For example, a 12-gauge steel floor plate usually installs over 20-gauge corrugated B-decking.

Which Decking Options Are the Most Durable?

Durability is often an important factor when choosing a decking type. Of course, materials like steel plate and concrete come to mind. These options are perfect for durability but come with some drawbacks like weight and cost. Always weigh your options and ask an expert if you have any questions.

Can You Customize Your Mezzanine Decking?

When shopping around for mezzanines, you will find options that come with all the equipment components — including decking. If you are looking for a custom option, be sure to connect with our team here at East Coast Storage Equipment. We specialize in custom installations to meet your every need.

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