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Planning your racking system can seem daunting. Below, you’ll find some useful tools that can help you plan and design your next storage solution. Keep in mind that these tools are in no way a substitute for professional consultation. Always reach out to storage experts for the most accurate planning information.

East Coast Storage Equipment offers quality new and used equipment, as well as a robust range of services, to take your racking plan from blueprints to reality. Whether you’re looking for quality used racking or professional planning services, reach out at 888.294.5022 today.

Racking for a Single Row

Getting a good estimate of how much racking you'll need for a single row is a great starting point when planning out your pallet rack layout. Keep in mind that you'll need to take special considerations for changing variables in size with different types of rack systems.

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With any new installation, it can be a struggle to plan for optimal storage efficiency. If you need assistance with design and layout, East Coast Storage Equipment is here to help.

Aisle Size

When it comes time to put your new racking system to work, you’ll most likely utilize forklifts, pallet jacks and stock pickers to move in and out of racks and products. Ensuring you have enough space to safely maneuver heavy machinery is an essential part of the planning process. The calculator below will help you get a good idea of what aisle space requirements you’ll need:

Aisle Size: 0

For standard 48” pallets, 12’ to 13’ is usually all that’s needed. For narrow trucks, smaller aisle sizes of 8’ to 6’ may be appropriate. If you have any questions or concerns about estimating aisle size, make sure to reach out to our team for assistance.

Wire Decking Quantity

Once you have your racking run planned out, you’ll need to match your system with wire decking. Fortunately, determining how much decking you’ll require is a fairly simple process.

Number of Wire Decks: 0

Beam Capacity

Finding out the static capacity for your beams can help you gauge how much product you might be able to store on any given rack. The purpose of this calculator is to give you a non-seismic estimate of capacity

Beam Capacity Per Pair: 0

This tool is only meant to provide a starting point and is in no way a replacement for a professional designer and engineer. Always make sure to consult certified installers, like our team at East Coast Storage Equipment, to get the most accurate and correct calculations.

Pallet Count

If you know how much space you’ll have available for racking, you may be wondering how many pallets you can fit in your potential space. Below you’ll find a useful calculator to help you get a good estimate of the capacity of your space. Keep in mind that these are general estimates, meaning you’ll need a professional to come up with an accurate number.

Pallet Count: 0

Warehouse Size

If you know how many pallets you’ll need to store and are looking to figure out how big your warehouse space needs to be, this calculator should give you a ballpark estimate. Again, this is a general calculation using some standard measurements for racking equipment and pallet size. For a more accurate calculation, contact the team at East Coast Storage Equipment.

Warehouse size (sq ft): 0

Looking for Quality Used Pallet Racking?

Whether you're adding on to existing racking, replacing your system or starting from scratch, East Coast Storage Equipment can not only provide materials, but also take you through every step from planning to installation. Our team of experienced racking experts can help you discover the perfect storage solution for your space. Reach out today to get started.

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