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Used Pick Module Systems

Adding a pick module to your warehouse is a big step that can help your team further optimize daily operations. We carry a selection of used pick modules consisting of different warehouse equipment components. Browse our inventory today to explore the different types of modules we have in stock. If you need help with your purchase, don’t forget to contact our team.


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Maximize Picking Operations with Quality Used Pick Modules

Pick modules are first in, first out (FIFO) multi-level picking systems usually consisting of pallet racking, carton/case flow or pallet flow and conveyor or sortation systems. These systems are great for high-volume order fulfillment. Pick modules can be constructed from multiple styles and brands of pallet racking and equipment, making it a versatile material handling solution.

Used Pick Module Systems

Highly Customized Pick Module System Options

We stock all different kinds of pick modules, which can either be erected in the original configuration or customized and engineered for your specific warehouse scenario.

Used Pick Module Systems

Have Questions About Pick Modules?

Not sure whether a pick module would be the right fit for your warehouse or distribution center? Feel free to call us at 888.294.5022 or contact us online.

Used Pick Modules FAQs

What are Some Common Pick Module Configurations?

Pick modules are fairly complex systems. They consist of multiple components that all help streamline picking operations. While most installations will be custom in nature, a couple of configurations are common:

  • Catwalk mezzanine pick module
  • Full case pick module
  • Broken case pick module
  • Mechanized pick module

What are Some Benefits of Using a Pick Module?

Pick modules are perfect for many different warehouse environments. Not only do they maximize picking efficiency, but they can save you some serious space, too. Saving space helps alleviate the pressure to expand or move to a larger facility. Additionally, pick modules can reduce overall labor costs by eliminating walk time for order pickers. Lastly, pick modules mean your team will stock inventory more quickly using the concentrated storage system.

Can East Coast Storage Equipment Customize a Pick Module for My Facility?

While we have quality used pick modules in stock, we can also work closely with your team to design a custom pick module for your facility. Because pick modules consist of multiple pieces of storage equipment, creating a custom configuration to meet your facility’s layout and product requirements is easy. Our qualified team of engineers, fabricators and installers can make sure every aspect of your pick module installation goes smoothly.

How to Pick Modules Optimize Picking Operations?

By putting everything a worker needs for efficient operations in the same area, a pick module cuts the time needed to find products and send them off to the next zone. The idea is to create systems that work with your facility's needs and worker demands without sacrificing too much floor space.

How Do You Design a Pick Module?

While you’ll find systems in our inventory, most pick modules are custom to the facility. In most cases when it comes to pick module design, planning goes into what equipment is necessary and where it needs to go in the configuration. Things like operational factors, picking volume and replenishment needs will help inform this process.

What Pick Module Design Factors Should You Consider?

Pick modules can easily enhance the productivity of your warehouse, but don’t forget these critical design decisions:

  • Means of egress
  • Head clearance
  • Staircase access
Used Pick Module Systems

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