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Used Pallet Flow Rack

Used pallet flow racks: Let gravity drive your pallets.


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Pallet Flow Gravity Storage Rack Systems

Pallet flow rack is a First In, First Out (FIFO), non-static, high-density storage rack system that uses a gravity skatewheel (steel or polycarbonate) conveyor or rollers installed on beams at a minor decline to move pallets within the racking system.

Our used pallet flow rack systems are engineered and customized for your specific application  – including the depth, width and speed of the flow lanes.

East Coast Storage Equipment stocks all kinds of pallet flow rack components, such as pallet flow rail, pallet flow brakes and racking to design the perfect pallet flow rack system for your facility and product application.

Find the Perfect Used Pallet Flow Rack

Don’t see the used pallet flow system that would work for your facility? Don’t sweat it. This kind of system is highly customizable, so it’s best that we get a thorough idea of your needs. After that we can choose the used components and put together the perfect pallet flow solution.

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