Used Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow rack system loaded with a pallet of goods

Used Pallet Flow Rack – Gravity Drives Your Pallets

Pallet flow rack is a FIFO (First In, First Out), non-static, high density storage rack system that uses gravity skatewheel (steel or polycarbonate) or rollers installed on beams at a minor decline to move pallets within the racking system.

Our used pallet flow rack systems are engineered and customized for your specific application – including the depth, width and speed of the flow lanes.

East Coast Storage Equipment stocks all kinds of pallet flow rack components, such as pallet flow rail, pallet flow brakes and the racking to design the perfect pallet flow rack system for your facility and product application.

Don’t see the pallet flow system that would work for your facility? Don’t sweat it. This kind of system is highly customizable, so it’s best that we get a thorough idea of your needs. After that we can choose the used components and put together the perfect pallet flow solution. Please call 888.294.5022 or fill out the contact form on the right.

Used Redirack Pallet Flow Rack – 7 Deep x 2 Wide

Redirack pallet flow rack system (336) pallet positions
Bought in 2015, in excellent condition
$150 per pallet position (including brakes)
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Used Steel King Galvanized Pallet Flow System Components

Steel King pallet flow system components - including frames, beams, pallet flow rails and more. This was configured as single lane and 4-5 pallets deep.
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Used Pallet Flow Rail – 105″

Large quantity of like new 105"L pallet flow rail
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Used Unarco Pallet Flow Rack – 15 Deep x 2 High

Unarco Pallet Flow Racking - Only a few years old!
Originally configured as 30 lanes @ 15 deep x 2 high, but can be customized
2,500 lb capacity per pallet w/ 18' frames
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Creative Storage Solutions Pallet Flow Rails

Creative Storage Systems Pallet Flow Rail. 233 ea. 144" long., 108 ea. 98" long., 40 ea. 98" long (not in good shape)., 103 ea. 96" long., 12 ea. 246" long.
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Logitech Pallet Flow Rails

602 ea. 8' long Logitech galvanized pallet flow rail Most of it is brand new and has never been used. FOB NJ
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