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Stack racks are highly portable and flexible. Perfect for industrial applications like textile or automotive storage, stack racks can help your team stay organized without needing to install more permanent storage equipment. We carry a wide selection of used stack racks in many different sizes and materials. Order your portable stack racks from East Coast Storage Equipment.


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About Stack Racks

Stack racks allow you to efficiently vertically stack items, which can optimize floor space while ensuring product safety. This highly versatile storage rack equipment is especially beneficial for irregularly shaped items that can’t easily be palletized. Furthermore, they’re designed with mobility in mind, making it easy to rearrange stack rack configurations to accommodate changes in your facility’s layout.

Stack racks storing large boxes

Manufacturers construct stack racks with a base and four posts. This allows them to securely stack together in columns without placing weight on the products below. This design also allows for easy access to each rack, whether it’s at the base or the top, simplifying inventory management and helping create straightforward systems for product rotation.

Benefits of Stack Racks

Adding stack racks to your warehouse or production facility can offer
your team many benefits. Some of these advantages include:

Efficient Space Utilization

Stack racks enable vertical storage, helping businesses make the most out of their available floor space.

Improved Product Protection

Stack racks can protect products from potential damage that might occur when you stack products directly on top of each other.

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility

Many stack rack systems come equipped with casters. Others have features that make them easy to move with a forklift.


As your storage needs grow, you can easily add more stack racks rather than reconfigure your entire storage system.


Stack racks can store a wide range of items. This includes odd-shaped items that may not securely fit into other storage systems.

Applications of Stack Racks

With their unique design and adaptability, stack racks are ideal for:

  • Tire Storage
  • Furniture Warehousing
  • Irregularly Shaped Items
  • Seasonal Products
  • Temporary or Overflow Storage
  • Returns and Excess Inventory
Stack racks storing broken down cardboard

What Stack Rack System is Right for You?

Stack racks offer a flexible and versatile way to store products. But you’ll find several different types of stack racks available. Which one is right for your facility? Be sure to explore our blog on the topic to find out.

Stack racks holding various products in warehouse

Quality Stack Racks for Flexible Storage

If you’re looking for a storage solution that can grow with your warehouse, stackable racking is the answer. We stock wood, metal and plastic stackable racks in a variety of sizes so you can find the solution that best fits your needs.

Stack racks storing cardboard boxes

Used Stackable Racking for a Wide Range of Applications

Our used stackable racking systems can store pallets, containers and irregularly shaped items like pipes with ease. All stack racks are designed for use with a forklift so you can easily move them around your warehouse.

No matter what kind of stack rack you are looking for, East Coast Storage Equipment can help you find it. We carry modular, portable, open- and closed-deck stack racks for storing all kinds of inventory.

Warehouses are not static. As your business grows and changes, so will your storage needs. Stack racks make it easy to reconfigure your floor plan and add new inventory as needed.

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We source high-quality used stackable racking so you get the best storage for your warehouse at a great price. Come to us, or we can ship to you. .

Need help finding the right stack rack? Give our team a call at 888.294.5022. We’ll do everything we can to help you find the right warehouse racking solution.

Used Stack Rack FAQs

How Do I Install Stack Racks?

Stackable racking is easy to install. Each rack comes with a base and four corner posts. You’ll insert each post into its section on the base. If you want to continue stacking upward, you’ll add the next base to the top of the corner posts.

If you look closely at the feet on each base, you’ll notice that they are designed to fit perfectly into the tops of the corner posts. This is how you’ll continue stacking the racks. Finally, bolting down your stack racks will keep your inventory secure and your workers safe.

What Are the Benefits of Stackable Racking?

The most important benefit of stack racks is that they are flexible. It’s this flexibility that makes them so popular in warehouses with shifting needs.

One of the most popular uses for stack racks is for storing seasonal inventory. This kind of inventory takes up lots of extra room in your warehouse, but stack racks can easily accommodate it. Once the season is over, you can disassemble the racks and store them for next time.

Additionally, stack racks are perfect for reconfiguring your warehouse floor plan or for use in a temporary warehouse. If you’ve ever installed warehouse racks before, you know just how much of a pain it can be. Stack racks make it easy to move things around and to relocate to a different space.

Can I Ship Inventory with Stack Racks?

Filled stack racks are easy to transport, which is what makes them so unique. They can be used in place of traditional wooden pallets for moving inventory between different warehouse locations.

All you have to do is load your inventory onto the rack and use a forklift to transport the rack to the truck. Using transportable stack racks prevents your workers from having to load inventory from racks to wooden pallets, saving time and increasing efficiency.

What Are the Different Types of Stack Racks?

In our inventory, you may come across several types of stack racks, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Portable stack racks
  • Modular stack racks
  • Wooden deck stack racks
  • Stackable pallet racking

What Are Some Common Stack Rack Applications?

Stack racks are highly versatile. For this reason, you can find them in use across several key industries.

Some common applications include:

  • Seasonal storage where portable solutions are preferred
  • Creating flexible floor plans with portable racking
  • Shippable storage options
  • Piping and tire storage

Do You Need Special Lift Truck Forks for Stack Racks?

No. Most stack racks will have enough space to accommodate regular forklift forks—although you may need to adjust fork width according to your specific stack rack measurements.

Additionally, some stack racks feature fork stirrups. These metal hooks allow the forks to slide in and add an extra layer of security and protection to the load.

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