• Double-sided cantilever rack - 100" deep x 96" wide x 10' tall - side view

Double-Sided Cantilever Rack Add-On Unit – 100″ x 96-1/4″ x 10′

  • Add-on (one column + bracing)
  • Double-sided base
  • 48″ straight arms
  • 800 lb per arm capacity
  • Horizontal and x-bracing
  • 10′ tall tower/column (one)
Condition: New


Double-Sided Cantilever Rack Add-On Unit (New)

This isn’t a full section of cantilever rack. This is a double-sided cantilever rack add-on unit for this product. So this particular product would be a full section minus one tower, as it’s meant to attach to an existing cantilever rack section.

See specs below.

Unit DimensionsArm LengthArm CapacityArm TypeBrace TypeSection Type
100" deep x 96-1/4" wide x 10' tall48"880 lbStraightHorizontal and diagonal xAdd-on for Double-Sided Cantilever Rack - 100" x 99" x 10'
Tower or column height


Arm length


Arm capacity (per)

880 lb

Arm type




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