Pharmaceuticals storage


Pharmaceuticals storage

We offer proven ways to store pharmaceutical products and manufacturing components under the strictest requirements of hygiene, temperature and traceability.

Smart, safe storage solutions for companies developing, manufacturing, distributing or selling pharmaceutical products are paramount — there is no room for error. Custom storage solutions are often required to be both adaptable and secure, as well as readily available in an industry where timing is everything.

Driven by provider and patient demand, improving revenue per square foot through efficient storage solutions means being able to avoid leasing additional space or facing a costly expansion.

Pharmaceuticals storage

The Pharmaceutical Industry Follows a Rigid Set of Best Practices

Pharmaceutical companies have restrictions other warehousing and manufacturing companies do not. These include maintaining a sterile environment and having a wide range of products or components that are easily accessible, on-demand and often housed with restricted access to the storage area. We can offer solutions that meet all of those needs effectively and efficiently in even the smallest footprint.

Numerous Storage Options are Available

Our pallet rack configurations are perfect in ambient or chilled environments and can accommodate numerous aisle layouts for easy access to bulk storage. These include carton and pallet flow racks to assist with stock rotation and monitoring of product expirations. Shelving, on the other hand, can easily store a high number of product lines with traditional, mobile and multi-tier features for quick access.

Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions

  • Help with compliance to strict requirements and regulations
  • Improve accessibility even on small floor spaces
  • Can accommodate varying temperature zones
  • Optimize efficiency in logistics and distribution
  • Meet rigid industry storage protocols
  • Provide quick, easy access to products and components
Pharmaceuticals equipment

Managing the Sophisticated Supply-Chain Process

Tighter regulations and inspections, globalization, complex supply chains and cost pressures are constant considerations for any pharmaceutical business. Efficient, optimized logistics and distribution are critical differentiators in this complex world of oversight and storage protocols when it comes to inventory management and end-to-end order fulfillment.

Storage Solutions Must Also Be Temperature-Sensitive

Pharmaceutical storage solutions must be able to house products in different temperature-stable environments. These include zones that are ambient, cold, freezing and ultra-cold that can all be individually controlled, monitored and maintained. Our storage systems are built to withstand sub-zero and high-heat environments, making them ideal for virtually any of these zones.

Need Guidance? We're Here to Help

One of our storage system experts can help you configure the right pharmaceutical facility design and the right storage solutions within it. We can help at each and every stage of the process, from permitting to project management to completion.

Solutions for Every Industry

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  • Please fill out the form below and we will usually respond to your inquiry on the same business day.