3rd Party Logistics


As more and more orders are being placed online, effective third-party logistics (3PL) storage solutions become more important than ever.

When you consider that consumer spending online accounted for more than $4.2 trillion in 2020, it's no wonder 3PL has become an increasingly necessary spoke in the distribution wheel. Third-party warehouses must be flexible enough to meet the requirements of a wide range of businesses but efficient in their overall use of the space-making storage solutions key to profitability.


Storage Must be the Most Important Link in the Supply Chain

From product deliveries to order picking to shipping, storage within 3PL companies has to be durable, high-density and agile as new clients come on board and new products must be housed. Order fulfillment must be swift, accurate, and efficient to keep both 3PL clients and their customers happy. We offer storage solutions that perform flawlessly no matter how many SKUs might be in your inventory.

Storage, Inventory Management and Receiving and Shipping as Cohesive Unit

3PL storage solutions can direct the flow of any distribution facility or impede its progress. It's important to have systems in place that allow you to offer excellent order-fulfillment histories, take on more orders, and pack and ship with a high degree of reliability. 3PL companies must also handle the logistics of returns, requiring specific areas to keep returning and outgoing shipments distinct and separate from one another.

3PL Solutions

  • Provide better inventory management
  • Direct product flow
  • Improve order fulfillment accuracy
  • Accommodate shipments and returns
  • Eliminates over- and understocking
  • Make floor space use more efficient

Storage Solutions Eliminate Overstocking and Understocking

Knowing at a glance what's in inventory is not only important, it can mean saving thousands in manpower, facility allocation and stock miscounts. With the right technology coupled with the most effective storage solutions, such as picking modules, conveyors and carousels, 3PL companies can keep products moving from order to fulfillment with minimal movement by order pickers and shipping personnel.

The faster and more accurately products move through the facility, the better able that company is to accept more orders to fulfill.

Scalability Is Paramount as Order Fulfillment Needs Grow

We can not only recommend a storage solution for your business today, but with a keen eye on the potential for tomorrow, give you storage configurations that can adapt to a growing customer base, increased SKUs in inventory and increased shipping destinations worldwide.

For instance, mezzanine storage allows companies to grow upward, alleviating some of the pressures of limited floor space, while rack systems can be easily configured and reconfigured as order volume increases.

Common Equipment

Rack Systems

Rack Systems

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems


Pick Modules

Need Guidance? We're Here to Help

One of our storage system experts can help you configure the right 3PL facility design and the right storage solutions within it. We can help at each and every stage of the process, from permitting to project management to completion.

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