E-commerce equipment


E-commerce equipment

E-Commerce businesses may live in the virtual world, but the products they sell require very real storage solutions for efficient and accurate order fulfillment.

Any e-commerce business is only as successful as its ability to quickly and efficiently fill online orders. That means you need a seamless process – from the moment the shopping cart is purchased to the moment it reaches a customer's door. Effective, scalable storage solutions are key to any successful e-commerce fulfillment center, keeping product SKUs accessible, inventory easy to manage and streamlining shipping and returns.

E-commerce equipment

There Is No Room for Confusion on a Busy Fulfillment Floor

Here are the keys to success for any e-commerce warehouse operation: proper use of floor space and an ergonomic design that allows for easy access to products of all shapes, sizes and weights. Storage solutions must be safe, clean, secure, and organized to keep these facilities operating at top speed and efficiency.

Picking the wrong orders means not only a dissatisfied customer on the receiving end, but it also means the laborious process of accepting and restocking returns, which costs both time and money.

The Right E-Commerce Equipment Means Products Leave the Facility Faster

Speed and accuracy drive any e-commerce operation. From storage solutions like power and gravity-fed conveyor systems that keep heavier SKUs moving to mezzanines that make use of often-unused vertical space, there are plenty of material handling equipment options that keep e-commerce fulfillment centers buzzing with activity. These solutions, when coupled with a strong technology backbone and an experienced fulfilment team, also make it easier to expand as necessary to accommodate new product lines.

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Meet the growing demands of customer expectations
  • Reduce order errors and returns
  • Improve productivity
  • Keep the fulfillment line moving
  • Handle an ever-growing number of SKUs
E-commerce storage equipment

Moving Products Along the Fulfillment Line at the Speed of Expectation

Never was online shopping more popular than during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with that rise in popularity came a heightened expectation of how fast products should be delivered. Companies like Amazon proved that order fulfillment can often be within 24 hours, which reduced the patience the public has when waiting for their online orders to arrive. With the right organization, the right employee training and protocols and the right product storage solutions, any e-commerce company can meet the demands and expectations of its customers.

Proper Organization Makes Inventory Tracking More Accurate

When dealing with a large number of e-commerce companies and the SKUs related to each, storage and organization are interconnected. The right configuration can make it much less likely that you will ever ship the wrong inventory. It also helps ensure that storage doesn't run out as demand for specific products increases, and it helps eliminate out-of-stock notices or over-purchasing.

Common Equipment

Rack Systems

Rack Systems

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems


Pick Modules

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One of our storage system experts can help you configure the right e-commerce facility design and the right storage solutions within it. We can help at each and every stage of the process, from permitting to project management to completion.

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