How to Buy Used Pallet Racking in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re planning a facility upgrade, renovation, or are building a new warehouse, saving money by implementing used pallet racking allows you to either lower the overall project cost or invest your savings in other aspects of the company or project. Making an informed buying decision on used pallet racking can be broken down into a five-step process.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

Take a look at your pallet racking needs.  How much can you spend on it?  How much volume in and through the warehouse do you foresee?  What sort of storage needs do you foresee?  Knowing how much rack space you will need, and giving yourself a buffer, is going to have a major impact on how much you spend.  If you’re unsure, most companies that sell racking can also help with warehouse design and determining what pre-owned warehouse rack will work best for your application.

Step 2: Locate Companies Near You Selling Used Pallet Racking

Before you can buy it, you have to find it.  These companies can be found through a Google search or by perusing your local business-to-business listings.

Step 3: Contact Vendors to Compare Prices

Once you have a list of companies in the area that sell used pallet racking, reach out and contact them to find out about pricing and any discounts.  Narrow this down enough to help make the decision easier, but not so much that you don’t have a few choices.

Step 4: Inspect the Products Offered

Well, it is, in fact, used equipment — which can come in a whole range of varying conditions — so you want to be sure the condition is what’s being advertised to you.  If possible, inspect the racking to make sure it will suit your needs and is in such shape to be safe. There will be times when you can’t personally inspect the used pallet racking that you may buy.  In these cases, request high-resolution images from multiple angles.

Step 5: Finalize the Purchase

This requires two things: negotiating the best deal possible and negotiating the delivery of your used pallet racking.  Negotiating the deal will entail discussing payment methods and terms (Cash, COD, Net30, Etc.).  Negotiating the delivery will entail discussing possible delivery dates for your used pallet racks with the vendor and then agreeing on one.  If you have the means, picking up your pallet rack is always an option to save money.

East Coast Storage Equipment specializes in used pallet racking and would love the opportunity to save you money on a custom used racking system for your facility.  We offer services such as delivery, installation, permit processing, facility layout & design and more.  We regularly update our marketplace page with used pallet racking deals as we get the inventory in — so check it out.  Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about the purchase of used pallet racks.



December 19, 2015

Great tips. Customers need to do proper research before choosing a company to buy from. This article can be used as a guide for people who prefer used pallet racking.

December 23, 2015

People sometimes ask me what they should think about when buying used pallet racks. I think many of them are unsure if they should buy new or old racking systems. This post explains it nicely. I should just point them to this article from now on 🙂

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