The Cost of Building a Mezzanine

If you’re looking to add a mezzanine to your facility, you’re probably wondering how much everything is going to cost. You’ve got a budget, and you don’t want to spend where you don’t have to. If your team is looking to save space and cash, what do you need to know when it comes to building out your mezzanine storage solution?

While I can tell you the cost per square foot to build a mezzanine is the main number you want to look at, there are some other factors that should be on your mind during this process. Read on to learn more about how to build a mezzanine on a budget, what affects costs and why buying used can be a great, cost-effective solution.

What to Consider When Pricing Out a Mezzanine

Mezzanines are a popular way to improve warehouse efficiency, and we sell plenty of them here at East Coast Storage Equipment. While I’d love to give you a solid number to go by, it’s a combination of factors that will give us the final price.

However, you can usually get a rough estimate of the cost of your mezzanine with a few considerations. I’ll walk you through those now, and, hopefully, by the time you give us a call to get started, you’ll have a solid idea of how much it’s likely to cost.

Mezzanines can be a fantastic way to increase your overall floor space without adding to the footprint of your facility. When pricing out an installation, you’ll want to factor in overall square footage and other variables like material choice.

Estimating Cost Per Square Foot to Build a Mezzanine

How much does it cost to build a mezzanine level? While you should consider plenty of factors when it comes to mezzanine price, I usually go by square footage to get a good estimate. This is the most significant factor that brings up the price of an installation, and if you have a good idea of how much mezzanine square footage you need, you can probably get a pretty accurate price estimate.

If you’re considering pre-owned, this can be a boon in terms of savings. The average cost of a used mezzanine is around $15 to $30 per square foot. Of course, mezzanine construction is not as cut and dry as other equipment fabrication and installation. Plenty of factors can affect and increase this price, and square footage isn’t the only one to consider.

Of course, square footage is not the only factor. You’ll still need to make decisions about the type of mezzanine you want, what materials you need and what kinds of additions you might need for your warehouse. Some often-overlooked costs that might come into play include the following:

  • Lighting
  • Fire suppression system
  • Support system

Another factor you’ll want to consider when pricing out your mezzanine is type. Here are a few varieties we carry here at East Coast Storage Equipment:

During construction, one of the most important pricing factors is overall square footage. Custom installations, like the longer mezzanine structure pictured here, will often cost more than standard mezzanines.

Deck Style and Materials Will Play a Part

Now that we’ve got a good idea of how big our mezzanine will be in terms of square footage, it’s time to move on to deck style and materials. First, let’s tackle mezzanine decking. While most of the mezzanines I work with come with a corrugated deck, resin or wood, that’s certainly not the only option. If you know your mezzanine will see some heavy-duty daily use, you’ll probably want something a bit more durable.


Searching for An Affordable, Durable and Reliable Mezzanine for Your Facility?

East Coast Storage Equipment has the storage solutions you need. From high-quality used mezzanines to consulting and project management services, we’d be happy to walk you through your options.CONTACT US

That’s not to say resin or wood decks won’t offer you years of use, but other deck types will fit the role a bit more appropriately. For those heavy-duty environments, I’d recommend bar grating, sometimes known as subway bar grating. This will certainly bump up the overall cost of your installation but can save you the need to replace the deck down the line.

You’ll also want to consider other material costs. Since mezzanines come in both roll-form and structural steel varieties, you’ll need to decide which style is right for your facility. While roll-form tends to be cheaper, it doesn’t come with the same durability as structural steel, so keep that in mind.

When designing your mezzanine, deck style and materials are important for both cost-effectiveness and overall usability. Corrugated deck (pictured here) is a very common decking material, but other materials like wood, resin or grated steel decking are available.

How Tall Will Your Mezzanine Be?

Most of the mezzanines I see installed are around eight to nine feet tall. That’s a pretty standard height, so you can expect that height won’t matter too much in the overall cost if you don’t need something taller. If you do need to go taller, it’s going to cost you, though.

It’s also worth noting that mezzanine support plays a role in pricing. If you are thinking of using shelving-supported mezzanines, you can shave off some costs for supports if you already have the shelving. If you need some help finding which mezzanine style is right for you, the team at East Coast Storage Equipment and I are always happy to walk you through the pricing and design process.

Overall Mezzanine Design and Custom Features

A mezzanine floor is much more than just a deck. Especially when working with custom installation, which is a specialty here at East Coast Storage Equipment, you can find all kinds of features to include that will add convenience but also cost. 

Here are a few features you might consider for your mezzanine installation:

  • Handrails
  • Stairways
  • Custom designs (outside of the standard rectangular installation)
  • Custom column placement (for heavily trafficked areas)
  • Gate systems
You can customize your mezzanine to perfectly fit your facility and intended use. Pictured here are features like stairs and handrails, which are great for extra safety and easy access.

Consider High-Quality Used Mezzanines

Here’s the reality of shopping used: if you pair yourself with a trusted team in storage equipment, like East Coast Storage Equipment, you’re getting the same high quality at a sharp cost reduction. With our team, you’re not losing out on other features and services you’d expect buying new, either.

I’m proud of our team and confident that we can make whatever mezzanine installation you have in mind happen. Not only that, but we can help you come up with the design. Our fabrication shop can custom-build to fit any facility, and our team of engineers will ensure that installation happens efficiently, on budget and with the kind of quality you can trust.

When I say any project, I mean it: any type, any size, all types of steel from thickness to length. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the highest quality mezzanine solution for your team.

East Coast Storage Equipment: A Trusted Name in Used Mezzanines

Adding a mezzanine to your facility is a great way to double your storage space and improve warehouse optimization in a cost-effective way. If you came here looking for tips on how to build a mezzanine on a budget, hopefully you’re walking away with some actionable strategies to cut costs.

Keep in mind that the biggest factor is the cost per square foot to build a mezzanine. If you already have an idea on the space you need, reach out to East Coast Storage Equipment today to make that mezzanine happen.


David Martin O’Donnell
July 27, 2022

Hey Mike,

ExportTek, Inc is currently leasing a 40K sq ft warehouse in the Lewisville, Dallas area. We will be building a 35k sq ft warehouse in approx one year but want to get working on a quote. We are looking for a mezzanine around 6500 to 7500 sq ft. Used preferably. It will need to have 2 staircases and possibly 1 lift. Let me know if you have any ideas that we can look at. You can reach me at 214-802-0477
Thank you

Avatar photo
Paul Parisi
July 29, 2022

Hey David! I’m going to have someone contact you about this. Have a great weekend.

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