How a Vertical Baler Can Generate Revenue for Your Business

It might be the last place you’d look, but hidden in your waste disposal process is a way to save on your budget and even create revenue. You read that right. But before you start digging through your trash looking for gold, you’ll need the right equipment.

Today, we’re going to talk about vertical balers and how they can help your business grow, get organized and even open up an additional revenue stream. You can also check out our guide to vertical balers for more helpful information.

Turning Trash into Cash with Vertical Balers

Simply put, vertical balers compact materials. They crush all kinds of things, from cardboard to plastic, and create neat rectangular blocks of waste that are much easier to manage for both team members and waste disposal workers.

Compacting waste alone has some serious benefits for your business. But add to that the sale value of the recycled materials, and you can see why adding a vertical baler to your waste disposal process is a winning strategy. Let’s take a look at how these trash-munching machines can help you generate revenue and cut down on expenses.

Spend Less on Waste Disposal

It costs on average $53 to landfill a ton of trash in the U.S. Recycling materials is a fantastic way to divert waste, and vertical balers can create an efficient waste management and recycling program for your business. This alone can help you reduce the amount of waste your business sends to landfills each year. But that’s just the benefits of waste diversion.

Balers also compact materials, and compacted materials take up less space. Compacted waste is easier to transport, and more bales can go in a transport container than with loose materials — resulting in a reduction in both transportation costs and the frequency of waste disposal visits.

Balers also mean fewer overcrowded bins and less of a need for workers to empty them constantly. This means your team can spend less time worrying about waste disposal and more time focusing on more important tasks.

Vertical balers (pictured) have a relatively small footprint, making finding space for these waste compacting machines in your floor plan easy.

Sell Recycled Materials Like Plastics and Cardboard

So here’s the real meat and potatoes of owning a baler: you can sell recycled materials to generate revenue. Because materials are already compacted, you often get a better price and may even manage to negotiate a better deal on logistics from your waste disposal company.

While recycled material costs vary by location, here are some averages:

  • Mixed paper: $96 per ton
  • Natural high-density polyethylene (HDPE): $2,169 per ton
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): $511 per ton
  • Polypropylene: $663 per ton
  • Aluminum: $1,550 per ton

On the Hunt for a Quality Used Vertical Baler?

We often carry vertical balers and can help you find the perfect unit for your team’s needs. Check out our inventory today.CONTACT US

Save Space and Improve Logistics

It should come as no surprise that compacting waste will significantly reduce the amount of space needed for that waste. Compacted materials are like big Lego bricks — stacking them is easy. This enables your business to make the most out of your current space, especially for environments like warehouses, in which every inch of free space matters.

Saving space means your team has more room to tackle other tasks or add new equipment like pallet racks for further organizational power. Vertical balers help your team meet space management and logistical challenges beyond just waste disposal.

Keep in mind that waste disposal is an integral part of most business operations. All that trash has to go somewhere. Adding a vertical baler to your system means you’re less reliant on an external company to handle an essential aspect of your business. Minimizing the number of waste transports needed means fewer problems in your planning schedule. It also means your business won’t come to a standstill because of a collection delay — which certainly happens from time to time.

Keep in mind that waste disposal is an integral part of most business operations. All that trash has to go somewhere.

What Kinds of Materials Can Vertical Balers Handle?

Give a vertical baler a once-over, and it might look like it could handle anything. While this might be true, you probably won’t want to press your luck with such an expensive piece of equipment.

Compacted cardboard (pictured) helps streamline waste processing by creating manageable blocks of recycled material that you can store more efficiently and sell to your local recycling facility.

Most quality manufacturers will construct balers of steel, durable hydraulics and long-lasting designs. Even so, equipment like this works better with the recommended materials. Material recommendations will depend on the specific vertical baler you purchase, but generally speaking, balers can handle the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Other soft papers
  • Plastics (PET, polyethylene, HDPE)

What Else Can Vertical Balers Offer Your Business?

Recycling is much more than just extra revenue. For businesses looking to shift to more sustainable waste disposal practices, vertical balers can be an essential part of that strategy. It’s just part of a responsible solid waste management program.

Not only can this bolster your business’ reputation, but it does a whole lot of good for our planet, too. Americans alone produce around 239 million tons of waste per year. Reducing that number means responsible business practices, and vertical balers can be a piece of that plan.

Vertical balers also have some distinct advantages over horizontal units. First, vertical balers tend to be more affordable than their horizontal counterparts. While smaller than horizontal units, they often handle a wider variety of materials — making them perfect for environments with diverse waste streams. 

Where Can You Find a Quality Used Vertical Baler?

Vertical balers can add quite a lot of value to your business. Not only can you help divert a portion of your waste stream toward recycling, but you can often generate some revenue selling compacted materials. Moreover, adding a vertical baler to your waste management system streamlines the entire process, saving your team time and even more money.

At East Coast Storage Equipment, we specialize in high-quality used warehouse equipment. That includes vertical baler units. If you’re looking to add a baler to your business but are concerned about the costs, we can find you the right option for your facility without breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and other services.

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