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IPO w-Standard Windows
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Are you looking for more than just industrial working and storage space in your facility? An inplant office is a modular structure that turns a section of your warehouse floor into a multi-functional office space. They’re reusable, relocatable, and expand as your office needs evolve.

IPO w-Standard Windows
Group 919

The Basics of Inplant Offices

An inplant office is a modular structure erected on top of an existing concrete slab within a facility. Here, prefabricated insulated and vinyl-covered gypsum panels create the bulk of the structure, with additional components like doors, windows, and electrical equipment such as panels, breakers, and junction boxes for added functionality, among others.


Inplant offices come pre-designed and engineered with detailed plans for installation and setup.

Fully Customizable

Choose from virtually unlimited design and layout possibilities using free-standing wall components. 

Quick Installation

With modular construction, walls go up quickly, and limited tools are needed to properly finish an installation.

An inplant office is an excellent addition to any warehouse floor, especially when compared to conventional construction. When unexpected changes hit your business, as they often do, and your space needs change, the modular construction of pre-fabricated inplant structures will give your team the flexibility they need to move the office to a different location without the cumbersome cost of traditional construction. You can relocate or expand your building with ease. Whether you want to add a second story, attach a mezzanine, or expand laterally — design options are endless.

But don’t think prefabricated structures aren’t as tough or even tougher than their traditional counterparts. In-plant office walls are engineered for years of use, even in the most demanding industrial environments. They serve as both a long-term solution to inplant space needs while still offering the adaptability needed to keep up with the changing demands of warehouse space.

Accessories for Inplant Offices

While the basic prefabricated walls make up the bulk of the structure, modular construction means design options are endless. As such, there are plenty of accessories a business can add to deliver extra functionality to an inplant office space. Let’s explore some of the most common options.

Electrical Options

With the addition of electrical equipment like panels, breakers, and junction boxes, you can power up your office space for all kinds of uses.

Sound Dampening

A warehouse floor can get noisy. With sound dampening, an inplant office can become a quiet spot where team members can focus on their work.

Climate Control

From cleanrooms to laboratories, adding environmental controls can help regulate temperatures and humidity while protecting against harsh weather.

Flooring, Windows, and Others

If you’re using your inplant structure for office space, the addition of windows and other components can help make the space feel more like an office and less like a warehouse floor.

What to Know About Inplant Offices

While inplant offices offer flexibility and can meet a wide variety of needs, from simple office space to specialized climate-controlled spaces, there is some essential information to understand about these modular structures to make the most out of your purchase. Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind about inplant offices.

Parts and Components

While professional help is always a welcomed addition to an inplant office setup, the beauty of this type of structure is that it can be assembled quite easily and quickly. The modular construction means walls come prefabricated and ready to be stood up in moments. Here are a few items to expect when you receive your inplant office:

  • Three-inch insulated vinyl-covered gypsum panels in white, gray, or champagne
  • 22 gauge galvanized top roof (dust cover) and suspended acoustical ceiling
  • Framing and all connecting hardware are always included
  • 3-0 x 7-0 20 gauge steel door with 20″ x 30″ window and hardware
  • Electric package (optional) includes junction boxes, breaker panels, light switches, duplex outlets, and LED lights.

Forklift Operation - Unloading Pallets

Here is a rough overview of the installation process:

  1. After inspecting parts and taking inventory, set the floor track with tools like a chalk line.
  2. Set wall panels according to manufacturer instructions, sliding panels into the floor track and corner posts.
  3. Assemble the ceiling cap.
  4. If electrical needs installation, the next step is to install these components.
  5. Attach roof decking.
  6. Install I-beams, if needed, to support the roof.
  7. Install the grid ceiling by installing the wall molding, main runners, cross tees, and ceiling panels.

Keep in mind that this is only a surface-level overview of the entire process for illustrative purposes. The real installation will include more steps and demand careful review and inspection during each phase.

As far as tools are concerned, outside of the actual inplant office components, you’ll most likely have everything you need for setup already in your warehouse:

  • Hammer
  • Rubber Mallet and Wood Block
  • Drill, Bits and 5/16” Nut Driver
  • Level
  • Plumb Bob
  • Chalk Line and Dry Line
  • Tape Measure and Rule
  • Phillips-Head Screwdrivers
  • Standard Screwdrivers
  • Metal Snips
  • Power Saw or Hand Saw
  • Hack Saw
  • Pencil
  • Putty Knife or Trowel
  • Ladder
  • Pop Riveter
  • Power Metal Saw
  • Carpenter’s Square

In-Plant Offices Delivered to You

We work directly with Panel Built to deliver in-plant office solutions that always exceed expectations. Browse our inventory to find the right modular structure for your space.

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Different Types of Inplant Offices

Different types of in-house offices offer adaptability to certain space and placement requirements. Here are a few of the main types of inplant offices you might come across in our inventory:

  • 2-Wall Unit: Uses existing corners to minimize costs.
  • 3-Wall Unit: Attached to an existing wall, so only three walls are needed for full coverage.
  • 4-Wall Unit: With total flexibility, a 4-wall unit is standalone and can go anywhere.
  • Two-Story Unit: Here, two levels of modular structure add extra space.
  • Mezzanine Unit: A mezzanine holds the office structure, freeing up space underneath.

Inplant Offices: The Perfect Fit for Your Needs

An inplant office offers a versatile solution for expanding your workspace with prefabricated modular structures. These high-quality buildings can be customized to your exact needs and assembled quickly.

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Inplant on Mezzanine

East Coast Storage Equipment has partnered with Panel Built, a trusted name in the prefabricated building industry, to deliver modular solutions to meet all your business’s needs and make the most out of your current warehouse space. Panel Built is the premier choice for modular buildings, including everything from pre-assembled buildings and clean rooms to fire rated Inplant wall systems.

Whether you need help finding the right inplant office for your facility or want some assistance with installation, get in touch with our team of equipment experts online or at 888.294.5088.

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