Used Teardrop Pallet Rack – 42″/44″ x 16’/18′ – 96″

Teardrop pallet rack system in various depths and heights

  • 42″ and 44″ deep teardrop frames
  • 16′ and 18′ tall
  • Mixed brands
  • Wire decks available
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Condition: Used Good
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This teardrop pallet rack system is available in a couple of different sizes and configurations. The frames are 44″ x 16′, 42″ x 18′ and 42″ x 16′, all with 3″ x 3″ columns. The beams are a mix of 96″ x 3″, 96″ x 4″ and 96″ x 3-5/8″. Wire decks are available for this used teardrop rack system, which are mostly waterfall style, but there are also some flush mount decks. Most of this rack is in good condition and could greatly increase the organization of your warehouse. Please contact us with any questions.

High-volume discounts are available.

See quantities and specs below.

112Teardrop upright frame44" deep x 16' high, 3" x 3" columnBlue
126Teardrop upright frame42" deep x 18' high, 3" x 3" columnSteel KingDark blue
24Teardrop upright frame42" x 16', 3" x 3"Vista green

594Teardrop beam96" long x 3-5/8" faceYellow
696Teardrop beam96" long x 3-5/8" faceSteel KingDark blue
110Teardrop beam96" long x 4" faceYellow
89Teardrop beam96" long x 4" faceOrange
571Wire deck44" deep x 46" wideWaterfall
601Wire deck42" deep x 46" wideWaterfall
120Wire deck42" deep x 46" wideFlush


Pricing and equipment availability subject to change without notice. High-volume discounts are available on all used equipment. Our used equipment is bought and sold from many different locations, so please see the details for shipping origin. Sometimes equipment is bought from one location, then eventually ships to our warehouse. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us. If we don’t have it, we’ll search high and low for you.
  • Frame Depth:

    42", 44"

  • Frame Height:

    16', 18'

  • Column:

    3" x 3"

  • Beam Length:


  • Beam Face:

    3", 3-5/8", 4"

  • Wire Deck Depth:

    42", 44"

  • Wire Deck Width:


  • Condition:

    Used, Good

  • Category:
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