• Ridg-U-Rack slotted rack close-up of beam and frame.

Used Ridg-U-Rak Slotted Pallet Rack – 38″ & 48″ Deep Frames Various Beams

Ridg-U-Rack slotted style pallet rack in various sizes w/ wire decks

  • Mostly 38″ deep frames
  • Thousands of 96″ beams
  • Excellent condition

Ridg-U-Rak Slotted Pallet Rack (various sizes) with Wire Decks – Excellent Condition

Excellent condition Ridg-U-Rak slotted style selective pallet racking available. Consists of 38" and 48" deep uprights at two different heights. Various length Ridg-U-Rak beams with a 4" face.

This rack has a hook and slot type connection (beam to upright).

See quantities and specs below.
159Slotted style frameRidg-U-Rak38" deep x 15' high
424Slotted style frameRidg-U-Rak38" deep x 18' high
31Slotted style frameRidg-U-Rak48" deep x 15' high
500Slotted style beamRidg-U-Rak108" long x 4" face
2,480Slotted style beamRidg-U-Rak96" long x 3.5" face
48Slotted style beamRidg-U-Rak4' long x 4" face
48Slotted style beamRidg-U-Rak13' long x 4" face
158Wire deck48" x 46"
4,139Wire deck38" x 46"

Additional information

Frame depth

38", 48"

Frame height

15', 18'

Beam length

96", 108"

Beam face

3-1/2", 4"



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