Used Henges Mezzanine – 40′ x 100′

4,000 square feet mezzanine structure (40′ x 100′)
150# per sq ft rating

Used Henges Mezzanine – 4,000 Sq Ft

Don't let lack of space get you down -- build up in your facility and double your storage and work space. This used Henges (now PortaFab) mezzanine could be the perfect addition to your warehouse or distribution center. It's a 4,000 sq ft structure with two stairwells and two swing gates. Buy it as-is or discuss customizing to better suit your needs.

See specs briefing below along with PDF with full specs.
Dimensions40' x 100'
Size4,000 sq ft
Uniform loading

150 PSF
Top of deck elevation110.365"
Min. under clearance90"
Max. column load35,320 lb
Decking description12 Ga. flour plate+
Decking has white underside
Handrail280 ft. (white)
Stairs2 ea. (white)
ColorStructure: safety blue / Handrail: safety yellow / Corrugated deck: white underside / Open web bar joist: gray primer

Full mezzanine specs PDF


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