Used Frazier Structural Pallet Rack – Huge Lot – All Different Sizes

Large lot of Frazier structural rack available
Various sizes of Frazier beams & frames

Various Frazier Structural Rack – Large Quantity of Frames & Beams

Various condition Frazier structural rack. Very large lot with all different sizes available.

High volume discounts available.

See quantities and specs below.
423Frazier structural frame42" x 21' x C-3"
227Frazier structural frame44"x 21' x C-3"
29Frazier structural frame41" x 21' x C-4"
14Frazier structural frame42" x 21' x C-4"
6Frazier structural frame44" x 15' x C-3"
1,792Frazier structural beam100" x C-3"
1,060Frazier structural beam102" x C-3"
432Frazier structural beam99" x C-3"
244Frazier structural beam144" x C-4"
216Frazier structural beam106" x C-3"
192Frazier structural beam144" x C-6"
144Frazier structural beam102" x C-4"
64Frazier structural beam99" x C-4"
64Frazier structural beam104" x C-4"
64Frazier structural beam48" x C-3"
48Frazier structural beam70" x C-3"
48Frazier structural beam98" x C-4"


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