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Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving

Affordable used shelving can help your team optimize storage space and organize stock. We carry a wide selection of commercial and industrial shelving options to help meet your every storage need. From durable steel shelving to boltless shelving designs, we’ve got you covered. Browse our selection of used shelving today.


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About Industrial Shelving

Commercial shelving is an ideal solution for increased organization and overall better storage of goods for businesses of all sizes and industries. From warehouses and distribution centers to retail stores and offices, the right shelving solution can revolutionize your operations.

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Benefits of Shelving

There are a variety of benefits that come with adding commercial
shelving to your facilities. Here are some of the biggest advantages:

Efficient Space Utilization

Shelving systems maximize vertical space, allowing businesses to store more items within a smaller footprint. This efficient use of space is crucial for businesses operating in limited areas, helping them make the most of their available square footage.

Improved Organization

Shelving systems promote systematic and organized storage, ensuring items are neatly arranged, categorized, and labeled. This organization minimizes search time, reduces errors, and enhances overall productivity within the business.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Shelving systems provide a structured framework for inventory storage, making it easier to track and monitor stock levels. This helps businesses implement accurate inventory management practices, prevent stockouts or overstocking, and reduce carrying costs.

Quick and Easy Access

Shelving solutions enable convenient access to stored items. With items readily available on shelves, employees can quickly retrieve what they need, streamlining order fulfillment processes and improving operational efficiency.

Customizable Configurations

Shelving systems offer flexibility and customization options to meet specific business requirements. From adjustable shelves to different shelving types (e.g., steel, wire, or mobile shelving), businesses can create a shelving solution tailored to accommodate different item dimensions, weights, and workflows.

Enhanced Safety

Well-designed shelving systems prioritize safety by using robust materials and meeting industry safety standards. Sturdy shelves ensure the secure storage of items, minimizing the risk of accidents or shelving failures and creating a safe working environment for employees.

Warehouse Shelving Applications

Industrial shelving is well-suited for a wide range of uses. Regardless of the type or size of operation, we have second-hand shelves that meet your requirements. You can find our commercial shelving in:

  •  Warehouses
  • Stock rooms
  • Private garages
  • Workshops
  • Commercial spaces
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Choosing the Right Type of Industrial Shelving

There's so much warehouse shelving for sale that it can be hard to decide what's best for your application. You should consider several factors when searching for the right industrial shelving. For starters, you should think about aisle spacing and the width, depth and weight of what you'll store. We stock and sell several types of used industrial shelves, including steel shelving (clip, nut and bolt and similar styles, all with adjustable shelves), backroom and stockroom shelving (Lozier and similar brands), rivet shelving (also called 'rivet rack'), bulk rack shelving, used wire shelving units and more.

Empty bays of gray steel shelving

We can even customize our used commercial shelving to match your unique application and needs. If, for example, we have 8′ steel shelving and you need the same exact type but in 6′ and you can't find it anywhere, we can professionally cut down the shelving uprights to fit your specifications.

Don't be afraid to ask for a professional consultation to ensure you get what you need.

Types of Industrial Warehouse Shelving

East Coast Storage Equipment carries an extensive collection of used industrial shelves to meet our customers' broad range of needs. Whether you want adjustable shelving, stockroom shelving or even wired shelving units, we have something right for you. Browse our outstanding selection and take advantage of the ECSE difference.

Clip-style industrial shelving bays
Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving
Backroom Shelving

Backroom shelving often consists of particle board shelves and steel components. We carry trusted brands like Lozier and MEG.

Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving
Bulk Rack Shelving

If you have odd-shaped loads to store, bulk rack shelving can be the ideal solution. This is a versatile yet structurally sound choice.

Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving
Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is available in many configurations, such as clip-style or nut and bolt. It's suitable for a variety of storage environments.

Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving
Rivet Shelving

Accessible from all four sides, rivet shelving is found in a broad array of applications. It's reliable and sturdy.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Warehouse Shelving

Navigating the world of industrial shelving can be complex. Before purchasing, you should consider several vital factors to ensure your storage solution best fits your unique business requirements. Let's walk through some primary considerations when buying used commercial shelving.

Rows of empty commercial shelving

Your Specific Needs

Understanding your unique storage needs is critical when choosing the right used industrial shelves. Different product types require different kinds of storage solutions, and the shelves you select should reflect this. Consider the shape and size of what you'll be storing. If your products are large and bulky, you will need shelving that offers sufficient space in both depth and width.

Available Styles of Shelving

You must match the correct type of used shelving with your specific requirements. At East Coast Storage Equipment, you can choose from various models, like backroom, rivet and bulk rack shelving. We also offer the best selection of steel shelving. Plus, you have options for securing your shelves, like clips or nuts and bolts.

Your Budget

Your budget is a pivotal factor influencing the type and quality of used shelving you purchase. While used shelving units can offer substantial cost savings compared to new ones, it's crucial to remember that pricing can vary significantly based on several factors. Material is a major price determinant, as are the size and capacity of the shelving units. Carefully assess your budget in conjunction with your storage needs.

We'll put money in your bank and make the process pain-free. We do all the heavy lifting.

We Make Selling Your Used Industrial Shelves Easy

Get Organized with Pre-Owned Shelving

When it comes to used shelving for your warehouse, your garage or the storage room of your retail store, East Coast Storage Equipment has what you need to organize and store your goods. No matter the inventory, we have commercial shelving for sale that can help make the most out of your storage space.

Shelving bays inside of a warehouse

Organizing Has Never Been Easier

Commercial shelving from East Coast Storage Equipment puts the power in your hands. We provide all the storage options you need to maximize your space.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective

Our selection of used industrial shelves offers a sustainable, cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their storage capabilities without breaking the bank. Our wide array of shelving options means you can find the exact fit for your unique storage requirements.

Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving
Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving
Shelving Installation Services

East Coast Storage Equipment is not only committed to providing high-quality second-hand shelving but also ensures your storage solution is correctly and safely installed. Our expert warehouse equipment installation team, with years of experience in the field, is dedicated to delivering a hassle-free setup process tailored to your facility's needs.

FAQs About Shelving

What Kinds of Used Shelving Are Most Popular?

Shelving choice is critical when it comes to budget and organization. Understanding the most popular types of warehouse shelving can help you design shelving that not only meets your expectations but offers some flexibility down the road. Steel shelving is the most common type of shelving you can find on the market for both warehouse and industrial environments. Boltless shelving, like rivet shelving, comes in at a close second — offering an easy-to-assemble alternative to steel shelving without the need for clips or bolts.

How Do I Know Which Shelving System I Need?

With the many different types of shelving available, it can be a struggle to match the right system to your facility. Understanding the benefits of each shelving system can help you make an informed decision. Steel shelving, for instance, is robust and offers versatility, but bolts or clips can add time to installation and open shelving requires metal sway bracing on one side of each unit. In contrast, boltless shelving systems provide just as much durability and the option for open configurations. Assessing your space, and how you’ll use your shelving, is a great first step before making any purchases.

What are Some Common Shelving Sizes?

While you can find all kinds of shelving types in many different sizes, expect some common sizes to pop up when shopping. Usually, shelving will come in depths of around 16” to 36”, and widths of 36” to 96” — the average width being around 42”. When it comes to height, expect to find standard measurements of 6’ to 10’. One of our best-selling and most common sizes is 24" x 48" x 10' to 12'. Keep in mind that East Coast Storage Equipment does offer custom shelving sizes for exact specifications and needs.

How Can I Reinforce Warehouse Shelving?

Warehouse shelving is generally quite strong on its own, but there are ways to make these shelves even stronger. One of the most common and effective shelf reinforcement methods in industrial settings is to add an X brace or cross brace.

You can add X braces to the back and sides of most pre-owned warehouse shelves. These braces cross each other in the center of the space between the uprights to add strength and prevent swaying. Typically, you secure the cross braces to the uprights through the holes on the face of the uprights used to secure the shelves at different heights.

How Much Weight Will Industrial Shelving Hold?

Weight capacity measurements will depend on the manufacturer and specific equipment type. If you are looking for sturdy and reliable shelving, rivet-style boltless shelving is the preferred choice for heavy object storage.

What Are Some Shelving Safety Guidelines?

While safe use of shelving will vary from product to product, you’ll generally find a few general guidelines to follow. First, we don’t recommend erecting free-standing shelving units over 15’ in height. Another guideline to keep in mind is proper load storage. Always try to keep heavier loads on the lower or middle shelves and lighter items on upper shelves.

What Is the Best Material for Shelving?

Commercial shelving comes in many variations and materials. For instance, backroom shelving usually incorporates particle board or plywood shelves. If you're looking for strength, source shelving constructed from durable steel. Keep in mind your specific application will help inform material choice. While steel is strong and durable, it may not be the preferred material for your use case.

Used Commercial & Industrial Shelving

Start Organizing Your Inventory with Used Shelving from ECSE

When it comes to sourcing used shelving for your warehouse, East Coast Storage Equipment has thousands of shelving bays to keep your warehouse organized and efficient.

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