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Looking for complete pallet racking systems or maybe just replacing existing pallet rack beams and uprights? Our wide selection of affordable used pallet racking can help you make the most out of your warehouse space, optimize inventory storage and help your team work more efficiently. Order your used pallet racks from East Coast Storage Equipment.


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About Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are robust steel structures specially engineered to maximize vertical storage capacity while ensuring quick and easy access to individual pallets. These systems provide a cost-effective solution for warehouses and distribution centers of all sizes, making efficient use of available space and enhancing productivity. Selective pallet racking, in particular, stands out as a game-changer in the world of warehousing.

About Pallet Rack

When it comes to optimizing your warehouse space and streamlining your operations, nothing beats the versatility and functionality of selective pallet racking. Selective pallet racking is a type of pallet racking system designed to provide direct access to individual pallets. It is the most common and widely used form of pallet racking due to its versatility and efficiency in optimizing warehouse storage.

In selective pallet racking, pallets are stored in horizontal rows and vertical columns, supported by upright frames and horizontal load beams. The design allows for each pallet to be accessible without the need to move others, providing quick and convenient access to any pallet in the system.

Benefits of Pallet Racks

Pallet racks in your warehouse or production facility give you
many benefits. Some of these advantages include:

Cost Saving

One of the main benefits of purchasing used pallet racks is that they are typically less expensive than new ones. This can be a significant advantage for businesses that need to expand their storage capacity but don't have the resources to invest in new equipment. Used warehouse racks are also readily available, which means they can be installed more quickly than new ones, allowing businesses to start using their new storage space sooner.

Enhanced Inventory Control

Selective pallet racking provides excellent visibility and organization for your inventory. Each pallet is easily identifiable and accessible, allowing for accurate inventory management and minimizing the risk of errors or misplacements. This level of control reduces the chances of stockouts and ensures timely order fulfillment.

Optimal Space Utilization

By utilizing the vertical space within your warehouse, selective pallet racking enables you to store more goods in the same footprint. This vertical storage approach maximizes your warehouse's capacity, allowing you to accommodate a larger volume of inventory.

Easy Accessibility

Selective pallet racking offers direct access to each pallet, eliminating the need to move other pallets or disrupt the entire system to retrieve a specific item. This quick and convenient access ensures efficient order picking and minimizes downtime, resulting in improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Versatile Configuration Options

With selective pallet racking, you have the freedom to configure the system according to your specific needs. Whether you require single-deep or double-deep configurations, our pallet racks can be customized to accommodate your unique storage requirements, ensuring seamless integration with your operational workflow.

Durability and Safety

Our pallet racks are built to withstand heavy loads and rigorous usage. Crafted from high-quality steel, they offer exceptional strength and stability, ensuring the safety of your inventory and personnel. Additionally, our racks comply with industry safety standards, providing peace of mind and mitigating any potential hazards in your warehouse.

Pallet Racking Applications

Because of its versatility and efficiency, there are many applications for selective pallet racking, including:

  • General Warehousing
  • Order Picking
  • FIFO (First-In, First-Out) Inventory Management
  • Bulk Storage
  • Seasonal Merchandise
  • E-commerce Fulfillment Center
Pallet Rack Applications

Choosing What Type of Pallet Racking Is Right For You

We stock and sell many different types of used pallet racking. Our pallet rack identification guide is designed to help you understand what type of pallet racking will best fit your unique needs. We also have other resources available to help simplify the process for you.

Choosing the Right Type of Pallet Rack

Find the Pallet Racks You Need For Your Unique Application

East Coast Storage Equipment carries a wide selection of used pallet racks, including a number of different types of racks and racking components. We can also customize your racking in our fabrication shop to meet your facility's specific needs.

Pallet Racks for Your Application

Pallet Rack Systems & Components Available

Pallet racking systems are composed of many different components. East Coast Storage Equipment has all of the components and types of pallet racking your warehouse needs. Shop our selection of used pallet rack systems and components including:

Pallet Rack Components (Upright frames)
Used Pallet Racking
Pallet Rack Beams

Your storage needs are unique to your business. We offer a wide range of pallet rack beams with different load capacities to meet the needs of your warehouse.

Used Pallet Racking
Pallet Rack Uprights

Pallet rack uprights are vertical structural components that provide the main support and stability for pallet racking systems. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and are commonly constructed using durable materials such as steel.

Used Pallet Racking
Structural Pallet Racks

With their robust construction and high load-bearing capacity, structural pallet racks provide efficient and organized storage solutions, maximizing space utilization and facilitating easy access to stored goods. Structural steel storage options are strong enough to withstand damage from forklift impacts, making them the ideal choice for busy and high-traffic areas.

Used Pallet Racking
Teardrop Pallet Racks

Teardrop pallet racks are a popular and versatile storage solution, known for their efficient design and easy assembly. They feature a teardrop-shaped hole pattern that allows for quick and secure adjustment of beam levels, making them ideal for warehouses and distribution centers with constantly changing storage needs.

Used Pallet Racking
Keystone Pallet Racks

With keystone systems, columns have symmetric channels with lips and punched single-row keystone slots. Beams fit into the keystone slots and then lock into place with safety clips to prevent accidental movement of the beam. With their interlocking beam and upright design, they provide sturdy support and maximize available vertical space for organizing and storing palletized goods.

Used Pallet Racking
Wire Decking

Pallet rack wire decking provides a safe surface and increased visibility and ventilation for your pallet rack. Its strength and flexibility make it an ideal choice for warehouses and distribution centers, optimizing storage efficiency and safety.

Used Pallet Racking
Pallet Rack Supports

Pallet rack supports are essential components that provide stability and strength to the pallet racking system, ensuring safe and efficient storage of goods. These supports are designed to evenly distribute the weight of the pallets and minimize the risk of structural failure, making them vital for maintaining warehouse organization and maximizing storage capacity.

Contact Us for Pallet Racking Solutions

At East Coast Storage Equipment, we bring you a comprehensive range of high-quality used pallet racking designed to revolutionize the way you store and manage your inventory. Contact us today and find out how we can help you get more out of your warehouse space.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Investing in pallet racking is a significant decision for any warehouse or storage facility. Before making a purchase, it's crucial to carefully consider various factors to ensure you choose the right system that meets your specific needs. Here are some essential things to consider before purchasing pallet racking:

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Used Pallet Racking (Pallet racking full of product)

What Do You Need?

Determining your storage requirements is the first step in selecting the appropriate pallet racking system. Consider the following aspects:

  • Space Utilization: Assess the available space in your warehouse. Measure the dimensions, including ceiling height, floor space, and any obstructions or columns that may affect rack placement. This will help determine the right configuration and capacity of pallet racking that can be accommodated.
  • Inventory Characteristics: Analyze your inventory and its unique characteristics. Consider the size, weight and dimensions of the products you need to store. Evaluate if you require selective access to each pallet or if bulk storage options are suitable for your inventory.
  • Throughput and Accessibility: Determine the frequency of pallet retrieval and the level of accessibility required. If you have a high turnover or need quick access to specific pallets, a selective pallet racking system that allows direct access may be the best choice. If you have slower-moving products or need to store large quantities of the same item, bulk storage options like drive-in or push-back racking may be more appropriate.

Your Existing Budget

Consider your budgetary constraints when choosing pallet racking. Keep in mind the following:

  •  Quality and Durability: Investing in high-quality, durable pallet racking is essential for long-term cost-effectiveness. Opting for sturdy materials and robust construction ensures longevity and reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Installation and Maintenance Costs: Factor in the costs associated with installation, including labor, equipment, and any necessary permits. Additionally, consider ongoing maintenance and safety inspection costs to keep the system in optimal condition.
  • Scalability and Future Expansion: Assess if the pallet racking system can accommodate future growth and expansion. It may be more cost-effective to invest in a scalable system that can be easily extended or reconfigured as your storage needs evolve.

Looking to sell your pallet racks or other used material handling equipment? East Coast Storage Equipment makes it simple. We buy material handling equipment like used pallet racks and re-sell it to other businesses like yours in need of used tools, machinery or equipment.

We Make Selling Your Industrial Pallet Rack Simple

Discover the Best in Pre-Owned Pallet Racking

Looking for high-quality used pallet racks? East Coast Storage Equipment carries a wide selection of used warehouse racks, including teardrop pallet racks and structural racks. Browse our inventory of pallet racking uprights, beams, wire decking, pallet supports and rack packages (full sections and bays). We can also customize your racking in our fabrication shop to meet your facility's specific needs.

Pallet racking (selective) storing boxed product in a warehouse.

Competitively Priced Used Pallet Racking Systems

Our pre-owned pallet racking prices are among the most competitive in the industry. Looking for pallet racking for sale near you? We ship our used pallet racking systems nationwide and can even assist with equipment installation when your pallet racks arrive. Leverage our experience, knowledge, expansive inventory and resources for all of your pallet shelving needs.

Pallet Rack Beams Stacked
Used Pallet Racking
Used Pallet Racking
Installation Services Available

If you need help with warehouse equipment installation, we can help with our comprehensive installation services to ensure a seamless and efficient setup of your pallet racking system. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of pallet racking installation, adhering to industry best practices and safety standards. We handle every aspect of the installation process, from site assessment and system design to assembly and configuration. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that your pallet racking system will be installed correctly and efficiently, allowing you to maximize your storage space and optimize your warehouse operations.

FAQs About Pallet Racks

Pallet racks can help your business save money and space, but you may have questions about our selective pallet racking systems. To help, we have answered some common questions below.

How Much Weight Can Pallet Racking Hold?

Pallet rack load capacity varies from system to system and depends on a large number of factors, including the specific beams and uprights used in the bay. Most pallet racks can support enormous loads, but keep in mind that loads must be distributed evenly.

To calculate the load capacity you will need your pallet rack to support, multiply the heaviest load you would store in a single pallet position by the total number of positions you have for each beam level. That will give you the beam load capacity. Then, consider the number of beams you would need to accommodate the loads you need to handle. From there, one of our material handling experts can help you find the right rack for your needs.

How Long Does Pallet Racking Last?

Pallet racks are made of steel, so they can last for decades. That makes them a great piece of warehouse equipment to buy used. However, a few factors can affect the lifespan of a pallet rack:

  • How often you inspect your racking for damage and fix it
  • Whether your pallet rack is made from high-grade steel
  • The environment in which you will use your pallet rack (inside, outdoors, in a freezer, etc.)
  • Whether you use column protectors and other protective devices with your rack
  • Whether you properly train staff to avoid collisions with or overloading of the rack

How Do I Anchor Pallet Racks?

To be up to code and manage heavy loads, pallet racks must be anchored to the floor. Each column must have a footplate, and you have to anchor each footplate to the floor with an anchor bolt. Learn more about anchoring pallet racks.

What’s the Difference Between ‘Refurbished’ and ‘Used’ Pallet Racks?

You may see these terms used interchangeably as you shop for pre-owned pallet racking, but there is a difference between used and refurbished pallet racks. Both are pre-owned, but refurbished pallet racks have been restored to a condition that is supposed to be like new. Meanwhile, used pallet racking is typically sold as-is, with minimal work done to it before the sale.

The costs of refurbishing are usually passed down to the buyer, meaning you will likely pay more for refurbished pallet racking than used racking.

Can You Install Your Own Pallet Racking?

Here at East Coast Storage Equipment, we recommend leveraging our decades of experience safely installing pallet racking systems. Many variables, including adherence to local laws and regulations, are at play when designing and installing a racking system. You should always go with the pros to get the most out of your equipment and keep your facility safe.

Can You Tie Pallet Racks to Building Columns or Other Architectural Features?

No. In case of seismic activity or impact to the rack, impact forces could transfer and cause unpredictable damage to your facility, equipment and workers. Always follow proper safety guidelines and anchor your pallet racks properly.

How Often Do Pallet Racks Need Maintenance?

While pallet racks might not have moving parts to worry about, at minimum, a formal annual inspection from an expert and regular informal inspections from staff are necessary to ensure equipment is in working order. Repeated impacts from lift vehicles and other damage can lead to catastrophic consequences. Maintenance is key to keeping your equipment and workers safe.

Are Used Pallet Racks Safe?

Yes, used pallet racks from East Coast Storage Equipment are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet all relevant safety regulations. They are designed to safely store heavy loads and we offer appropriate safety accessories, such as rack guards and column protectors, to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.

Used Pallet Racking

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