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Used Pallet Racking

Looking for complete pallet racking systems or maybe just replacing existing beams and uprights? Our wide selection of affordable used pallet racking can help you make the most out of your warehouse space, optimize inventory storage and help your team work more efficiently.


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The Best in Pre-Owned Pallet Racking

We carry a wide selection of used warehouse racks, including teardrop pallet racks and structural racks. Browse used pallet racking uprightsbeams, wire decking, pallet supports and rack packages (full sections and bays). We can also customize your racking in our fabrication shop to meet your facility’s specific needs.

If you’re looking for a warehouse storage solution that will provide increased organization, efficiency, productivity and legitimate savings, you need a used pallet rack system from East Coast Storage Equipment.

Our pre-owned pallet racking prices are among the most competitive in the industry. Looking for warehouse racks for sale near you? We ship our products nationwide and can even assist with equipment installation when your pallet racks arrive.

Leverage our experience, knowledge, expansive inventory and resources for your pallet shelving needs.

Need Some Used Racking? Contact Us

If we don’t have the pallet rack you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to find it for you. Contact us by calling 888.294.5022 or reaching out online.

Used Pallet Racking FAQs

How Much Weight Can Pallet Racking Hold?

Pallet rack load capacity varies from system to system and depends on a large number of factors, including the specific beams and uprights used in the bay. Most pallet racks can support enormous loads, but keep in mind that loads must be distributed evenly.

To calculate the load capacity you will need your pallet rack to support, multiply the heaviest load you would store in a single pallet position by the total number of positions you have for each beam level. That will give you the beam load capacity. Then, consider the number of beams you would need to accommodate the loads you need to handle. From there, one of our material handling experts can help you find the right rack for your needs.

How Long Does Pallet Racking Last?

Pallet racks are made of steel, so they can last for decades. That makes them a great piece of warehouse equipment to buy used. However, a few factors can affect the lifespan of a pallet rack:

  • How often you inspect your racking for damage and fix it
  • Whether your pallet rack is made from high-grade steel
  • The environment in which you will use your pallet rack (inside, outdoors, in a freezer, etc.)
  • Whether you use column protectors and other protective devices with your rack
  • Whether you properly train staff to avoid collisions with or overloading of the rack

How Do I Anchor Pallet Racks?

To be up to code and manage heavy loads, pallet racks must be anchored to the floor. Each column must have a footplate, and you have to anchor each footplate to the floor with an anchor bolt. Learn more about anchoring pallet racks.

What’s the Difference Between ‘Refurbished’ and ‘Used’ Pallet Racks?

You may see these terms used interchangeably as you shop for pre-owned pallet racking, but there is a difference between used and refurbished pallet racks. Both are pre-owned, but refurbished pallet racks have been restored to a condition that is supposed to be like new. Meanwhile, used racking is typically sold as-is, with minimal work done to it before the sale.

The costs of refurbishing are usually passed down to the buyer, meaning you will likely pay more for refurbished pallet racking than used racking.

Can You Install Your Own Pallet Racking?

Here at East Coast Storage Equipment, we recommend leveraging our decades of experience safely installing pallet racking systems. Many variables, including adherence to local laws and regulations, are at play when designing and installing a racking system. You should always go with the pros to get the most out of your equipment and keep your facility safe.

Can You Tie Pallet Racks to Building Columns or Other Architectural Features?

No. In case of seismic activity or impact to the rack, impact forces could transfer and cause unpredictable damage to your facility, equipment and workers. Always follow proper safety guidelines and anchor your pallet racks properly.

How Often Do Pallet Racks Need Maintenance?

While pallet racks might not have moving parts to worry about, at minimum, a formal annual inspection from an expert and regular informal inspections from staff are necessary to ensure equipment is in working order. Repeated impacts from lift vehicles and other damage can lead to catastrophic consequences. Maintenance is key to keeping your equipment and workers safe.

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