Garment On Hangers (GOH)

There is a material handling solution for every type of material, including clothing. The garment on hanger system or GOH, offers an economical, labor saving solution for the garment industry.

There are many configurations available for GOH systems. Most people may recognize a basic GOH system from visits to the local dry cleaner. The basic principle of the GOH is an overhead rail combined with a motorized chain drive (some also feature a screw conveyor) with hooks for garments. This system uses vertical spaces, saving valuable floor space for other uses.

These systems, like most conveyor systems, are highly configurable depending on application. The most basic is one like that used in a small dry cleaner shop. The system transports garments from the dry cleaning area to the service desk for delivery to customers.

More elaborate GOH systems incorporate computer controls along with other features commonly found in conveying systems. These include items such as sorting, sequencing, variable speed controls, easy transferring from storage to ship-to destinations such as delivery trucks and containers. GOH systems allow companies the ability keep garments ready for display by carefully spacing items so each arrives without the need for further attention.

GOH systems tend to fall into three categories:

Multi-function, static storage and dynamic storage. Static storage is a basic system with storage rails allowing for a straightforward approach to managing stock. Dynamic storage adds in cross-docking capabilities with the garments moving along trolleys. These are frequently used in high volume operations. A multi-function GOH adds in picking and/or sortation capabilities for better visibility and access to products.

Quality GOH systems help companies avoid added labor costs several ways:

  • Transferring clothing from a GOH system directly onto trucks or shipping containers avoids the need to package the clothing in boxes, which requires additional store labor to unfold, repress and then re-hang the clothing back onto hangers.
  • GOH systems allow for sorting of orders directly into waiting shipments reducing the number of times a person touches the order.
  • Orders from the distribution center are easily sequenced to maximize delivery efficiency by clothing size, style, shipping route and/or store.
  • GOH systems improve efficiency by handling more than 10,000 hooks per hour reducing cycle times.

Reduced handling costs, improved efficiency, better accuracy of orders, and display-ready clothing are all reasons to invest in the GOH system.


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