Close-up of pushback rack and how boxes sit on carts

Pushback Rack Systems

Pushback rack is a high density, LIFO (last pallet in, first pallet out) racking system that utilizes nested carts/trays which move along inclined structural rails. This system can use either structural or roll form frames and can be configured from 2 to 6 pallets deep.

How does pushback rack work?

Pallets are loaded into the racking system using a forklift. Each time you place a pallet in, the pallet you loaded previously gets pushed back a position until the depth (pallets deep) of that lane is full (if it’s 4 deep, then 4 pallets). Since it’s LIFO, the last pallet you loaded, will be the first one you unload – so this all takes place in the same aisle.

What industries most commonly use pushback?

Although pushback rack is a common sight in warehouses and distribution centers of all types, it’s most common in the food industry. It’s great to use in freezers due to the system’s quick, in & out, easy access configuration.


Components of pushback rack:

  • Structural or roll form selective frames
  • Structural rails
  • Carts/trays

Pushback rack points:

  • Better use of warehouse space
  • LIFO
  • 2-6 pallets deep storage
  • Load/unload from front position

A pushback rack system is a great solution for tight warehouses that need a more efficient use of available space. Want to maximize space in your facility? Pushback rack might be the right fit for you. Visit our used equipment section to browse used pushback rack systems we have available or contact us about pushback rack for your facility. Most pushback rack and components ship out of our Browns Mills, NJ warehouse.

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