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Pallet Rack Upright Frames

New pallet rack upright frames


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High-Quality Factory-New Upright Frames

While we specialize in used inventory, we often try to carry popular products in brand-new shape for customers looking for the best equipment they can find. Our pallet rack upright frames fit that description. Whether you’re looking to replace existing upright frames or want to expand your current system, these upright frames are the perfect choice.

We try our best to keep new items from some of our more popular equipment categories in stock. If you’re not seeing exactly what you are looking for, make sure to give us a call at 888.294.5022.


What Types of New Pallet Rack Frames Do You Carry?

Currently, we carry the popular teardrop-style upright frames. This offers the most versatility to mesh with existing pallet racking systems. If you're not finding the right frames for your racking system, check out our used inventory. Our used equipment is just as sturdy and reliable as our new stock.

Do You Carry Matching Pallet Rack Beams?

Yes. You’ll find pallet rack beams that will perfectly fit our upright frames here. Because we carry a few different sizes of beams, you’ll want to ensure you’re picking the right ones to match your facility design. With our selection of upright frames and beams, creating custom sizes for your pallet racking system is easy.

Can East Coast Storage Equipment Install Pallet Racking?

We can. With our equipment installation service, our expert storage team can deliver and install your new pallet racking. Our team can also assist you with facility design to ensure your new equipment installation is up to all local building codes, including electrical considerations and fire suppression systems.

Pallet Rack Upright Frames

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