Liquidation: Gaffney, South Carolina

Liquidation – Pallet Racking & Conveyor

Opportunity is knocking! We’re currently liquidating a massive amount of Frazier pallet racking and a conveyor system at a large warehouse in Gaffney, SC. We have thousands of Frazier frames available and tens of thousands of Frazier beams… priced to move. See material specs and pictures below. Any questions, please call 888.294.5022 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Huge Quantities of Frazier Pallet Rack

A great opportunity to save substantial money if you’re in the market for a lot of pallet rack. This Frazier structural rack is perfect if you’re storing non-palletized, over-sized product, like furniture.

(2,400) Frazier frames 50″ deep x 35′ high C-3″ (3/8″ thick foot plate 4″ x 5″)
(24,000) Frazier beams 170″ long x C-4″
(1,000) Frazier beams 236″ long x C-8″
(24,000) wire decks for channel beams flared 50″ deep x 41″ wide double waterfall
(2,300) wire decks for channel beams flared 50″ deep x 57″ wide double waterfall



1,500 LF 24″ OAW gravity conveyor 1.9″ rollers on 4.5″ centers
700 LF 48″ OAW gravity conveyor 1.9″ rollers on 2.5″ centers
300 LF 36″ OAW Hilmot line shaft accumulation conveyor
(25) 24″ gravity conveyor safety gates




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Please fill out form if you have any questions pertaining the equipment and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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