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Frazier structural pallet rack systems

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Frazier’s structural rack is considered by many to be the ‘Mercedes Benz‘ of pallet racking. Frazier offers superior strength and durability due to its structural steel design and is highly recognizable with its orange beams and blue frames. An innovator in the industry, Frazier was the first racking manufacturer to offer structural steel pallet racks.

Since 1949, Frazier has been delivering world-class storage equipment to various industries. This includes warehousing and 3PL, refrigerated warehousing, e-commerce and much more. Their cornerstone product, the Sentinel Selective Pallet Rack, is known across the equipment manufacturing industry for its high quality and durable structural steel construction.

As Frazier describes, “Structural steel is heavier with stronger channel corners and thicker gauge metal columns. Because of this, the finished product holds up to higher abuse.”

The Sentinel Pallet Rack line requires a standard wrench-to-bolt installation. As a result, it is the perfect candidate for environments with flexible storage needs. All of its parts are easily interchangeable as well, allowing facilities to add more racking as their storage needs grow.

While the Sentinel line is the most popular, Frazier offers several different racking solutions such as pushback rack, drive-rack and even cantilever rack.

Their Glide-In Pushback Racking system delivers a high-density storage solution that is highly resistant to abuse and offers a greater load-bearing capacity. Frazier delivers their drive-in and drive-thru racking solutions with the same build quality as their structural steel selective line — offering warehouses a durable solution for environments with heavy forklift traffic.

Lastly, their KlampFast Cantilever Racking offers better space-saving versatility and accessibility relative to other cantilever racking manufacturers.

East Coast Storage Equipment stocks a wide range of Frazier racks — including uprights and beams of all different sizes. Our inventory consists of mostly used Frazier, which is a great choice when opting to buy used because of the fact it’s made from structural steel and retains that strength.

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