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Case Study: Medifast


The Mission

In 2009, Medifast elected to upgrade their pick & pack operation at their Ridgely, Maryland, distribution center in order to boost productivity and efficiency. After earning their trust and confidence, Medifast selected East Coast Storage Equipment to design, engineer and implement a solution for their facility.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for this project was upgrading Medifast’s entire pick & pack operation, while incorporating both new and existing equipment within a very limited floor area and ceiling space. All of this equipment needed to be installed without interfering with Medifast’s ability to operate and meet set picking and shipping numbers. Further challenges included a very aggressive schedule and having to work off hours and weekends with all labor on hand.

The Solution

Working alongside Medifast’s Engineering Manager, Colin Jesien, East Coast Storage Equipment engineered and designed a sorting system that enabled Medifast to pick and ship packages more efficiently and accurately.

The Results

After just a week of the new system being in place, production was increased by 30%, followed by a 79% increase after 8 months. The increase in production was so impressive that Medifast ordered a duplicate system for their Texas distribution center. In 2011, after East Coast Storage Equipment also upgraded their Coppell, Texas, facility – production increased by 35% within the first week.


Our Customers Say

Medifast and East Coast Storage Equipment have partnered up over the last three years. The partnership started with simple rack solutions and small conveyor projects. Once a confidence was gained with their expertise and competence, we started examining our logistic operations. After learning our business and the needs of our customers, we started a plan to upgrade our entire pick / pack operation.

While working with East Coast Storage Equipment, we designed a layout that would boost productivity by an estimated 30%. These plans were then executed on our Maryland Distribution Center. There were many restrictions ranging from time of completion, available work hours and the ability to not affect our current operation. These limitations were not hindered throughout the entire construction.

Once the layout was constructed, we increased production by 30% in the first week alone. After running the system for over 8 months, we raised production by 79%. The gains that were realized were so impressive a duplicate system was ordered in our Texas Distribution Center. This year we will have completed our second production upgrade and within the first week we have achieved a 35% increase.

Their customer service, pricing, knowledge, experience and willingness to please the customer has been outstanding. Thank you for your services! We look forward to the continued growth over the next year.

Colin Jesien

Engineering Manager Medifast Inc.

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