Pallet Rack Wire Decking: A Buyer’s Guide

Don’t let safety slip through your racks. Adding pallet rack wire decking can help prevent costly damage to products, equipment and, most importantly, workers. 

While you have a few options for pallet rack decking, wire decking is one of the more popular choices you’ll see in warehouses today. Let’s dive into this versatile decking style. 

What Are Wire Decks for Pallet Racks?

When it comes to pallet racking, it can appear on the surface as fairly simple equipment. Composed of only a few components (upright frames, beams and decking), most buyers make the mistake of not understanding the basics of each important piece.

But if you’re looking to make the most out of your racking system, getting a grasp of how each component will influence your storage system is key. For instance, beams and uprights are essential to understanding the basics of pallet rack capacity.

Decking also plays a critical role in your storage system. Wire decking, often made from durable galvanized steel, is just one type of pallet rack decking. The steel mesh is both strong and versatile — making it a perfect choice for most storage environments.

Not all wire decking is created equal, though. To match the right decking to your racking system, you’ll need to understand each type of wire decking.

The Different Types of Wire Decking

You’ll find several types of wire decking available on the market. The exact specifics of your racking system and inventory needs will determine which style is suitable for your facility. Let’s explore the most common variations:

  • Waterfall-style  — Waterfall decking cascades over the edge of the pallet rack beams. 
  • Inverted flange — A common type of decking, this wire decking works well with step/box style beams.
  • Flush flat — As the name implies, this decking style sits flush with the top of the rack beams.

You’ll also find several variations on these styles and other specialty designs. If you have any questions about sourcing the right wire decking for your racking system, make sure to contact our team of equipment experts.

Pallet rack wire decking is one of the most versatile and popular decking choices.

Wire Decking Alternatives

While wire decking is a popular choice for pallet racking systems, you have a few other options. Let’s take a look at those now:

  • Pallet rack supports are an excellent option for maintaining the structural integrity of your racking system.
  • Wood decking is a cheaper alternative that is less durable than both wire decking and pallet rack supports.

In most cases, you’ll need to decide between wire decking or pallet rack supports. While you might see wood decking in some environments, the natural material won’t last and often causes other issues like contamination.

What are the Benefits of Wire Decking?

Pallet rack wire decking is a popular choice for a few different reasons. The first is safety. 

Not only can wire decking help keep your palletized inventory in place, but it can also help prevent items from falling through the cracks and damaging workers or equipment. Moreover, the strong steel construction can handle everyday wear from heavy loads with ease. 

Fire safety is of utmost importance in a warehouse environment. In that regard, wire decking allows for the free flow of water from your fire suppression system through each racking level. 

This is essential to keeping inventory and workers safe.

Of course, fire safety is only one of the many benefits of wire decking:

  • Better light transfer to lower racking levels
  • An affordable choice for most racking systems
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction
  • Helps prevent dust and debris build-up

Get Started Finding the Right Pallet Rack Wire Decking

At East Coast Storage Equipment, we can help you source the right size and style of wire decking for your storage system at a fair price.CONTACT US

What to Know When Shopping for Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Now that we’ve explored wire decking and the other decking alternatives, how do you know what wire decking is right for your racking system? First, you’ll need to understand which type of wire decking works with your specific system. It starts with identifying the type of pallet rack beams you own.

  • Step beams
  • Box beams
  • Structural beams

These are a few of the more popular beam types. Once you know the beam type, you can find the right decking to match. 

Next, you’ll need to get the right size for your decking. Most decking comes measured in both depth and width. Popular depth choices include: 

  • 36”
  • 42”
  • 44”
  • 48”

Additionally, you’ll need to ensure the width of your wire decking matches the width of your pallet rack beams. Sizes include the following:

  • 46” width — 4’, 8’ and 12’ beams (common)
  • 52” width — 9‘ beams
  • 58” width — 10’ beams

If you’re uncertain about your decking size, reaching out to storage equipment experts is your best bet. Our team here at East Coast Storage Equipment can help you find the perfect wire decking for your racking system — in both size and type.

When shopping for wire decking, understanding the type and size of equipment you need is critical.

What About Pre-Owned Decking Options

Because of its durable construction and strong materials, wire decking can stand up to years of daily abuse. In a warehouse environment, it’s critical to source equipment that can stand up to heavy loads and lift vehicles. For this reason, wire decking is the go-to choice for most storage applications.

Because of its durable construction and strong materials, wire decking can stand up to years of daily abuse.

Fortunately, this also means that you can easily find affordable used wire decking on the market. Of course, you’ll still want to ensure you buy from a trusted source — like East Coast Storage Equipment.

In most cases, purchasing pre-owned wire decking can provide you with years of reliable service. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a durable decking option without breaking the bank.

Looking For Used Pallet Rack Wire Decking Near You?

Pallet rack wire decking is a versatile and durable decking choice. It can stand up to the wear and tear of daily operations and adds extra safety protection for your workers and inventory. 
If you’re looking for used pallet rack wire decking near you, East Coast Storage Equipment is here to help. Not only can we walk you through your decking options, but we ship our products all over the U.S. Get in touch today.

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