What is a Warehouse Mezzanine and What Are the Benefits?

A warehouse mezzanine is a versatile piece of warehouse equipment that finds use in many different environments. If you’re on the hunt for extra storage or working space, a warehouse mezzanine might be a perfect choice.

So, what do you need to know about warehouse mezzanines? What are some benefits you can expect from this flexible storage equipment?

We’ll answer all those questions and more, just read on.

Warehouse Mezzanine: What is it?

A warehouse mezzanine floor system is an elevated floor/platform that workers install between the floor and the ceiling. 

Most of the time, these steel structures are free-standing and can be dismantled and moved with relative ease. 

Industrial mezzanines are typically composed of steel (carbon or stainless). The flooring, or mezzanine decking, will vary based on the specific application. Again, manufacturers utilize steel (bar grate, metal decking, etc.), wood product finished flooring or B-decking. Mezzanines can also accommodate a concrete flooring surface depending on design specifications. 

A two-tier mezzanine with storage rack (carton flow) underneath it.

Mezzanine systems in a warehouse environment are an effective way to increase storage and/or workspace by allowing facilities to optimize the unused vertical space that already exists in a warehouse. 

After the initial mezzanine construction, the space beneath the structure is also accessible. This area is excellent for storage or other purposes. Some mezzanine systems leverage shelving or racking systems in this area as well.

You’ll find a few different types of mezzanines to choose from, but structural steel mezzanines are the most common in warehouses.

Because of their versatility, mezzanine structures find use across many different industries:

Wherever there’s a need for flexible vertical storage space, a warehouse mezzanine can be a welcomed addition.

Different Types of Mezzanines

Mezzanines come in a few different configurations. Depending on your warehouse environment, you may need a specific mezzanine type to meet your exact demands:

  • Free-standing mezzanine—a popular style, free-standing mezzanines don’t require existing structural components but instead rely on the installation of structural columns for support.
  • Catwalk mezzanine—this type of mezzanine creates usable traffic lanes for workers on an elevated platform.
  • Shelving or rack-supported mezzanines—instead of installing structural supports, this type of mezzanine leverages existing shelving or racking systems as the foundation.

If you’re looking for more information on the different types of mezzanines, check out our Types of Mezzanines blog.

The view from on top of a structural mezzanine.

Benefits of Using a Mezzanine in Your Warehouse

You’ll find quite a few benefits when it comes to warehouse mezzanine use. Facilities use mezzanines in many different ways, meaning that the benefits may depend on the specific environment and application.

Let’s explore a few key benefits.

Storage Is Not an Issue

A big problem facing distribution centers, manufacturing plants and other facilities is outgrowing your existing space.

If you have a business with a production line or have a lot of shipping and receiving activity, storage space is crucial. That being said, if you’ve been in your facility for any length of time, you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep up with changing space demands. 

Warehouse mezzanine systems are an easy way to maximize industrial storage space. And don’t brush it off as a temporary solution, either. You can add a substantial amount of space with a mezzanine, which can keep you in your current warehouse or distribution center for years longer.

Stay In Your Current Location

Space constraints may have you thinking that relocating to a bigger building or adding on to your current space is your only option. 

Well, with the help of a mezzanine professional, you can have a mezzanine designed and customized for your warehouse to meet your exact needs and space demands. The cost of the system pales in comparison to moving your entire business elsewhere or having to build on to your existing facility.

Optimize Vertical Space

By building up and not out, you can optimize vertical dead space to your advantage.

With this new space, you can do all kinds of things:

  • Expand shelving or racking systems
  • Add a platform for additional office space
  • Build an observations deck for day-to-day warehouse floor management

If your mezzanine does not serve a specific purpose, like a catwalk mezzanine, it’s essentially an elevated platform. With this space, you can do all kinds of workplace activities. That’s the beauty of a mezzanine installation—you can use the space for whatever your facility needs.

It can also serve as a flexible working space depending on business needs and seasonal trends. For instance, if shipping operations during the holiday season overwhelm storage space, you can easily transform a mezzanine platform into seasonal storage.

Thinking About Buying Used? 

Don’t let the nature of mezzanine construction fool you into thinking you can’t source affordable and high-quality used equipment.

Once you break down a mezzanine into its individual components, it can be transported and reassembled in a different area. This means you can find quality used mezzanines on the market fairly easily.

If you are working with a respected supplier, like our team here at East Coast Storage Equipment, you can buy with confidence knowing you’re getting a reliable product.

With proper maintenance and installation, you can expect years of service from a used mezzanine.

Finding the Right Mezzanine

If you’re looking for a flexible, generally painless and cost-effective solution to your storage woes, you should consider a mezzanine. 

The different applications in which you can use it are vast. If you find yourself on a somewhat tight budget and you’re worried that even going this route may not be affordable enough, there are plenty of vendors that offer pre-owned mezzanines.

East Coast Storage Equipment has been proudly serving the material handling industry since 1994. We pride ourselves in finding the best, most appropriate and affordable storage solutions for our customers all over the country.

If you’d like to find out more about warehouse mezzanine systems and how one could benefit your particular facility, get in touch with our team


Andy Roberts
October 23, 2015

I think that the fact that you can stay in your current location yet still expand is fantastic. There no risk of losing local custom this way.

Mark Logan
December 31, 2015

Good article. Many facilities can get away with a much smaller footprint which greatly reduces the cost of not only the building itself but the ongoing expenses such as heat, building maintenance, etc. If you require a high ceiling height for equipment and/or process in sections of your facility you can use mezzanine systems to effectively use the space where the extra height is not required.

Mark Logan
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Ted Johnson
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A great article explaining what a warehouse mezzanine is and how it can benefit businesses.

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I do agree with the fact that mezzanine systems in a warehouse can increase the storing capacity to a greater extent. However, safety factors should not be underestimated. The condition of different types of materials used in the mezzanine needs to be inspected properly and if any type of damage is identified, then it needs to be repaired or replaced with suitable alternatives. Apart from this other safety dimensions needs to be considered and should be inspected at a regular interval.

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