Material Handling Resolutions You Should Make for 2014

Happy New Year! We are a couple weeks into 2014 and I’m wondering . . . have you made any resolutions? No, I’m not talking about those silly resolutions to drop a few pounds or learn Mandarin Chinese in 26 weeks. Those resolutions tend to fall by the wayside faster than the temperature drops on a winter night in Wisconsin.

No, the resolutions you should make relate to the health of your material handling efforts in the coming year. This kind of resolution not only improves the quality, productivity and efficiency of your business, it may even allow you time for those other frivolous resolutions—can you say “我喜欢物质处理!”

So let’s get started. For those of you who don’t know where to start, allow me to offer these resolution ideas.

1. Make a plan to attend MODEX. If you know your company’s material handling efforts need improvement but don’t know where to start, MODEX is the perfect place to begin. This biannual material handling trade show is a few short months away. It’s held in Atlanta from March 17 – 20 and has more than 800 exhibitors. While there, you can network with material handling professionals offering knowledge on any number of systems, applications and products. The trade show portion of MODEX is free. Some seminars and other programs require additional cost. You can learn more at .

2. Does automation in material handling interest you? If so, you are not alone. Articles in many material handling trade publications talk about the rise of warehouse automation incorporating everything from robotics and automated guided vehicles (AGV) to picking systems and RFID. Automation is hot. Harry Moser even credits automation as a key driver in the growing reshoring trend.

3. Productivity is another hot topic in material handling circles (actually, it is every year). This broad topic incorporates everything from helping employees change their approach to material handling and the supply chain to incorporating technology (smartphones, tablets) and integrating it into a company-wide setting. There is any number of resources available to learn more, but the best place to start may be a search for articles on the websites of material handling trade publications.

4. Perhaps your material handling resolutions are about making smaller improvements that may not have a company-wide impact. Changing out conveyor systems, pallet racks, switching from wooden to plastic or other alternative material pallets (or perhaps changing from plastic back to wood) all have the potential to improve productivity and efficiency.

There are many more New Year’s resolutions to consider. These are just a few.

If you’re still not quite sure on which material handling resolution makes the most sense for your company, allow me to make a suggestion. Contact a material handling professional like those at East Coast Storage Equipment Company. After all, it never hurts to get another perspective, particularly when it comes to material handling.

Here’s wishing you a prosperous and productive 2014!

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