How to Become a Master of Material Handling in 4 Days

The material handling industry is preparing to descend on Atlanta. That’s right. The trade show known as MODEX is poised to display the latest in material handling products and technology. More than 850 exhibitors from all over the world are set to dazzle, inspire, and sell product. MODEX is the place to find out what’s new and network like there is no tomorrow.

The products on display and networking are two good reasons to attend this trade show. However, if that is your only reason for attending, you likely will miss the true treasure of the trade show.

There is a wealth of information and learning tucked away at the far end of the Georgia World Congress Center known as the “Knowledge Center.” No less than 104 seminars covering every conceivable topic related to material handling are available during the show’s run starting 11:15 a.m., Monday, April 4.

These seminars are not “one size fits all.” The learning shared at the seminars tackle topics based upon levels of understanding. In other words, seminars are tailored to your knowledge level whether you’re a material handling novice, an experienced material handler or have Ph.D. level of understanding.

For example, suppose you’re new to the industry or your responsibilities now include helping your company improve its efficiency and return-on-investment. Perhaps you are tasked with developing a plan to incorporate automatic guided vehicles and carts. There is a seminar for you.

As an experienced veteran of the industry, you may want to consider seminars related to your supply chain as it is now while planning future needs. You may also have interest in learning how to adapt the workplace to aging employees. There are seminars for you

Advanced classes cover topics such as Omni-channel fulfillment and the warehouse and finding optimal solutions when it comes to AS/RS technology. So, for all the material handling experts out there, there are seminars for you.

The benefits you will gain from attending one or more of these seminars include:

• A better understanding of the topic
• The ability to talk intelligently on the topic when speaking with salespeople
• Possible solutions (and alternative options) to your challenge
• Impressing management with your willingness to learn about the industry as it relates to company needs

In addition, there is also an education summit on the supply chain. This includes more seminars presented by experts from business and universities who work to advance supply chain education.

It is comparable to getting a degree in material handling packed into four days. Unlike most places of learning, there is no cost to attend. All of the seminars on the show floor and in the education summit are free to all registered attendees. Because there is no cost to register for MODEX, your only investment getting to Atlanta, eating and staying. Where else can you have access to a valuable education without a steep investment?

MODEX is April 4 – 7. Register today and get the material handling education of a lifetime.

You may not leave as a master of material handling, but you will come away with great information to benefit your business.


Charles Kemp
June 17, 2016

I would have loved to attend this conference when I was working at the warehouse. I had to handle all sorts of materials in a very timely manner. It was hard to get used to because I felt like I was running around all the time.

June 13, 2018

That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing the information. Material handling affects every aspect of the operation, from forecasting to production and even after-sales service and support. The right material handling processes can enhance logistics and efficiency.

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