Buyer’s Guide to Pallet Rack Dividers

If you’re looking for ways to make the most out of your existing racking system, pallet rack dividers can offer a simple way to organize and even add additional functionality to your pallet racks. While it might seem like all dividers are the same, you’ll find several different styles and configurations to choose from — each with its own purpose.

Read on to learn more about pallet rack dividers and how you can use them in your facility.

Why Use Pallet Rack Dividers?

When it comes to pallet rack dividers, it might surprise you to discover all the ways you can use them in your facility. Of course, organization is the first thing that comes to mind. But some pallet rack dividers serve additional purposes like managing vertical stock.

Clip-in style wire deck dividers (pictured) easily attach to existing wire decking to provide additional organization options.


If you’re looking to add some extra organization to your facility, adding pallet rack dividers can be a part of your overall strategy. Hanging dividers, in particular, are the perfect addition to wire-style decking because they easily clip in and can rest in several places and configurations.

With dividers, you can easily separate stock. This is especially useful for environments with smaller SKU numbers. Dividers can serve as a barrier for boxes or designate picking areas. If hand stacking inventory on pallet racks, dividers make split case, open case or case pick operations easily accessible for workers.

Creating Vertical Storage

If you need to store long or tall products, traditional pallet racking won’t offer the most efficient storage environment. Using pallet rack M dividers, among other styles, you can store irregularly shaped items vertically rather than horizontally. 

This can help increase storage efficiency and reduce the amount of floor space needed for horizontal storage.

Backstop and Flue Dividers

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a wire divider toward the backside of a pallet rack to keep inventory in place. Backstop dividers easily snap on to stop stock from pushing into the flue area. This isn’t just for organization; it’s a matter of fire safety.

Additionally, flue space dividers can help manage stock in carton flow systems. Instead of a single wire panel, flue dividers are three-sided wire stops that clip securely onto existing wire decking. Much like a backstop divider, flue dividers keep inventory from encroaching on the flue area. They also serve double-duty as another means of providing extra organization to your racking system.

Types of Pallet Rack Dividers

Pallet rack dividers come in several shapes and configurations. Wire dividers seem to be the most versatile and popular. If you’re looking to add vertical storage functionality, you’ll need to source either pallet rack M, D or single-bar dividers.

Wire deck dividers can run the full vertical length between beams (pictured) or shorter lengths, depending on your specific needs.

Pallet Rack Wire Deck Dividers

Wire dividers come in several different configurations:

  • Hanging dividers
  • Clip-in/snap-on style
  • Backstop
  • Carton stop
  • Upturned decking (reverse waterfall)

Each will play a specific role in helping keep stock secure and add extra organizational power to your existing racking configuration.

Hanging dividers easily secure into the racking bay with J-hooks. This type of pallet rack wire deck divider will also have a connector somewhere toward the bottom of the unit — ensuring a long-lasting and secure fit. This type of installation creates a robust barrier between products that spans the entire vertical section of the pallet rack bay.


Looking for Pallet Rack Dividers or Other Accessories?

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Clip-in/snap-on style wire dividers are freestanding, meaning they usually connect on the bottom portion of the rack. They extend upward in varying heights, so if you’re looking for total coverage, make sure to get measurement details. 

Other configurations include backstop, carton stop and upturned decking. We’ve already touched on the benefits of backstops and flue space dividers. Upturned, or reverse waterfall decking, isn’t so much a standalone divider but rather a style of wire decking that includes its own backstop portion.

Pallet Rack M Dividers

If you’re looking to add vertical storage capabilities to your facility, pallet rack M dividers can help you make the most out of your racking system. These dividers create a physical division in the rack as well, so they do double-duty as organization tools to keep inventory separated.

Pallet rack M dividers (pictured) can easily add vertical storage abilities to your existing pallet rack system.

This style of divider connects to beams on the backside of the pallet rack. In most cases, a set of two dividers makes up the required space for vertical storage of many different kinds of products:

  • Lumber
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Molding
  • Pipe
  • Fencing posts
  • Etc.

Pallet Rack D-Bar and Single-Bar Dividers

Just like pallet rack M dividers, both D-bar and single-bar style dividers help facilitate vertical storage. The only difference is the shape. D-bar dividers, also known as loop dividers, come in a few different configurations.

You can add D-bar dividers to the top and bottom of the racking bay to achieve a similar effect as M-dividers but with a lower profile. They’re often as deep as a standard pallet rack and come equipped with two brackets, depending on the size.

If you need an even lower profile than D-bar dividers, a single-bar divider may offer more flexibility. Much like D-bars, these dividers connect at either the top or bottom of the pallet racking bay and are easily installed onto existing racking beams.

Looking for Warehouse Racking Dividers?

Whether you’re searching for pallet rack dividers or full pallet rack systems, East Coast Storage Equipment has a huge selection of durable and reliable products. Not only do we offer low-cost, high-value equipment, but we also offer a vast selection of equipment-related services, including material handling consulting services and warehouse equipment installation.

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